Outfit Post: 12/9/12


Sweater: Goodwill (Target) — Skirt: Thrifted — Leggings: Target — Boots: Woman Within — Necklace: Gift from Tia! — Earrings: Vendor on campus


Can you tell that I wore this outfit for running around on errands last weekend? The skirt is too short for work, and in the past, I would have passed it up entirely upon finding it at the thrift store. Lately, though, I’ve become more amenable to short skirts and their potential place in my wardrobe, and I really enjoy the pleats and punchy color of this one.


Is it a miniskirt, though? How is “mini-ness” defined in a skirt or dress? Is it the fingertip test? So many questions. I do know that I like shorter skirts with opaque leggings, and I think the length of this skirt works well to mitigate some of the looseness of the sweater so that this outfit isn’t a total slouchfest.


Of course, some owl bling on my chest doesn’t hurt either.


Do you like shorter skirts? How and when do you like to wear them? Is it possible to isolate the “mini-ness” of a garment on a molecular level? Get on it, fashion scientists!


6 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 12/9/12

  1. D says:

    Orange skirt! I’m wearing bright orange today too, yaay! Anyway, short skirts. I like the look of them, and I will wear certain ones, but I try to be careful because I have a big, sometimes uncooperative booty. But they sure are cute, especially with opaque leggings.

  2. Mini mini mini! I love short skirts and dresses; I think they’re kicky and make your legs look longer, especially if your footwear matches your tights/leggings or if you have a little bit of a heel. Sometimes when I sit down and I feel the hem right on my butt, I think, “Is this too short?” but then decide I don’t care.

    I continue to be impressed by the never-ending accessory parade. Do they do the nasty in your jewelry box?

  3. I love this outfit! I am pretty shy about wearing skirts more than two inches above my knee, although as I wear tights/leggings more, I get more comfortable with it.
    I think maybe “mini” should be defined by how far down on your thigh it goes. Maybe if it’s shorter than halfway down, it’s mini? The precise ratio is not known by me, but it might be in that ballpark.

  4. I absolutely adore the color combination here! I have to admit, I don’t wear short skirts. I don’t like the updraft feel of anything shorter than knee length, but I think that if you can comfortably rock a short skirt – do it! Mini skirts are usually ones mid thigh I think.

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