Outfit Post: 1/5/13


Dress, waterfall cardigan, belt, and bracelet: Thrifted — Necklace: Gift from Katie! — Leggings and socks: Target — Flats: 6pm.com (Frye Carson) — Earrings: Hand-me-down


(No, I don’t know why I look so skeptical in this picture. Quick, pretend you said something patently absurd.)


Saturday night Mike and I got dressed up to go out on the town! And by town, I mean Sacramento, because the actual town where we live is a cultural desert. Anyhow, we went to see Mark Growden, who is always a treat; he chatted a little with us after the show about how he’d like to come play in our area, and mentioned that we should find a venue for him, which is pretty great. (Unfortunately, due the aforementioned “cultural desert” status of where we live and the fact that the main cafe for small music shows closed down last year, figuring something out might be tricky, but we’ll see.)

The opener, Julie the Bruce (formerly of The Secretions), kicked butt too! I hope Mike and I make ourselves more opportunities to go see live music this year, because it’s one of my favorite things and, you know, it gets us out of the house. What was the last live show you went and saw? Anybody I should keep an eye out for if they make it out to California?


Pictured: Mark playing a pair of bicycle handlebars. If you’re curious as to what sound handlebars produce:


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 1/5/13

  1. D says:

    Oooh I love live music too! The last show I saw was a while back though, it was either Eve 6 or a local funk band called The Messers. Good stuff! Your sock and necklace matching is brilliant, I may be forced to steal and replicate that idea.

  2. I love the socks and belt, they add so much to the neutral colours!

    Oh and thanks for recommending Soak, I’ve been looking for something that will wash my husband’s fancy sweaters and my lingerie so I immediately ordered it from a French store. 😀

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