This Just In: Tia Also Wore Some Cool Stuff in 2012

Now, dudes, Tia’s been occupied with grad school, dancin’, and whatever else it is she does in between (probably rob banks, right?), and I only want her to come back when she’s good and ready–blogging shouldn’t feel like a chore, right? But I don’t know about you all, but I do miss seeing pictures of her smiling face around here. To that end, let’s do for Tia what I did for myself last week and look at her most popular outfits from 2012, along with some of my personal favorites too!

The Internet’s Five:






Observations: Dang, internet, why did you like Tia in winter so much? Also fun geometric patterns, bright colors, and dressed as John Watson. Oh, and those precious black-n’-white kitten heels.

Mia’s Five:






Observation: I like Tia in menswear-inspired looks. (You don’t say!) Also in leather Chucks and with things on her head.

Okay, so who else wants to non-guilt-inducingly talk about how great Tia is? I know I can’t be the only one.


7 thoughts on “This Just In: Tia Also Wore Some Cool Stuff in 2012

  1. The last outfit’s my favorite. Also, Tia’s hair has never looked anything but fantastic, and it’s wonderful that she makes time to dance despite her busy schedule. All hail Tia!

  2. You are a good friend to help out Tia! I have loved the 2012 year in review look back for both of you. I also find it amusing that Tia’s hair is different in just about every photo. I know we are related, but we obviously didn’t inherit the same fashion gene. You can look at pictures of me for the past 15 (20?) years or so and I always look the same, same hair, same clothes, different, but similar shoes…maybe I’m in need of a fashion makeover??

  3. Becky Shelley says:

    I have to agree with Mia …Tia in menswear is delightful. But I love when she wears clothes that I made for her. 😉 and what the heck none of her wedding sample dresses or variations on that theme made top 5 ?!!!! bummer.

    • Mia says:

      Well, for the internet’s top five I just went with the five most-viewed posts–if I’d gone by number of comments, we probably would have seen a sample dress or two!

  4. I love Tia in menswear too. It’s such a great juxtaposition with her gorgeous curves. I would like to see more of Tia in menswear. And just more of Tia in general. I miss Tia. I hope this doesn’t guilt her into coming back (I’m just kidding, I totally hope it does).

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