Crazy Mia’s Amazing Emporium of Total Book Madness: 1/11/13

Whoa, guys, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I get so lazy about book blogging! I am, however, keeping up with my resolution to post over at Nisaba Be Praised at least once a week, so that’s a thing.

However, this post isn’t so much a traditional review as a…general artist and comicker review? Mostly because I just want to talk about the inimitable Aimee Fleck.

image by Aimee Fleck

I guess I could talk about a “book” of hers I have–I recently bought the little print zine version of her food journal, but it is what it sounds like: a little print zine version of a food journal. Which I love! The illustrations are quick and pretty, and make me hungry even though I just had lunch. (Especially the intense salmon sandwich. Dang, girl.) It’s actually inspired me to start keeping a little food journal of my own, and I may even try some illustrations!

But really, I just want to talk about her in general, because she is a rad feminist fat-positive lady who does sick art and who seems like tons of fun. And she totally has some comics up for free that you can read online: Tomorrow and Chipped (link available on her main website). They’re both short, neat little sci-fi stories that manage great inclusivity of people of all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, and sexualities, without making a huge fuss over those things. Plus, one of the characters from Tomorrow is nicknamed “Mia,” so, y’know.

I know Tia’s a big fan of hers as well, and for good reason–she’s got great style, has done at least one great zine about fatness and clothing, and her interests seem to align a lot with some of Tia’s and my favorite things:

image by Aimee Fleck

Plus, and I just remembered this, Tia totally did a signal boost for a contest Aimee was having just over a year ago! A contest about the frustrating limitations of fashion for fat people, because Aimee’s not afraid to rock the boat and talk about fatness, or how actual feminism differs from the MRA strawman view of feminism. Rawk, Aimee.

So, really, I just wanted to tell y’all about her and her comics and her art and her coolness. She sells pretty prints and comics and stickers and stuff, and also her tumblr is just delightful.

image by Aimee Fleck

Keep on knockin’ ’em dead, lady! I’ll be watching. (Wait, no, that sounds creepy. I’ll be…paying attention from an appropriate distance? Yeah, that.)


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