Outfit Post: 1/8/13 (1 of 30)


Blouse and heels: Swapped — Slacks: Goodwill — Earrings: World Market — Bangle: Solano Stroll — Socks: Target


‘Sright, fools, I started myself another 30 for 30! BAM, how about that for your Monday morning!

No, but after my post last week talking about cutting down on my spending and remixing more clothing, I decided that springing another 30 for 30 on myself would be a good move for January/February.  I’m getting better at organizing them for myself, so I wanted to see what kind of capsule wardrobe I could come up with in an evening with very little notice. Also, I haven’t done one during the winter before so I’d get to pull from a different section of my wardrobe than I did for the last two, which were in July/August and May/June, respectively.


So, here we are! I like this outfit. I like it a lot. I actually felt kind of sexy in it, which is not something I usually feel. I’ve seen purple and red in a couple of places recently, and it’s very eye-catching! It’s also the color combination that Claudia Kishi picked for the Stoneybrook Middle School Halloween dance because it was cooler than orange and black, not that that’s what I think of every time I see red and purple together.


I also wore one of my most obnoxious pairs of earrings, which are not only large and shiny but also jingle-jangle like I’m carrying a tambourine around. I won’t lie, I’m into it. Sorry, coworkers!


When was the last time you were especially visible? I’m pretty sure you could have seen me (or at least my pants) from space.


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 1/8/13 (1 of 30)

  1. Erin says:

    Oooh, I love this top. So lovely on you! Also, those pants totally show off your rockin’ booty. At some point, I need to put on my big (blogger) girl panties and do a 30 for 30. Maybe when everything calms down a little? So, you know, when I’m dead. HAHAHAHAHA. Bleah.

  2. Hot diggity that is a fab combo! I think your hair is what really makes this work. I adore the idea of a 30×30, but I already find it hard enough to dress for the insane weather without limiting my wardrobe. Good luck to you! I will be taking notes though! I learn so much from other peoples’ challenges.

  3. Becky Shelley says:

    I must say those pants are very flattering.They are good butt pants. I do love the red purple combo. An awesome look for you!

  4. Your butt Mia. YOUR BUTT. It is killing me here. Also, the red/purple combination is killer, and Claudia knew what was up. The collar of this top is super interesting too.

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