Outfit Post: 1/9/13 (2 of 30)


Blouse: Anthropologie — Skirt and flats: Thrifted — Tights: Fab.com (Hot Sox) — Belt and ring: Target — Bracelet: ABC Store — Earrings: The Wood Merchant


What ho, comrades! Today I give you this outfit, with its stripes and its plaid and its ruffles and its sparkly bits, in honor of the upcoming birthday of one Megan Mae. (I may be a little early to the party, but I can wait.)


I’ll admit that I’m still a little hazy on the concept of a blogging birthday party, but I’m more than happy to wish Megan well in this, her 23rd year. My brother’s 26th (? I’m a terrible sister) birthday is tomorrow, coincidentally, so I’m happy to send him my love as well. My wish for him is that he doesn’t get arrested for gallivanting around Los Angeles with his hair and beard grown out to Charlie Manson-esque proportions. Stay safe out there, Matt, and don’t start any doomsday cults. (He says he’s meant to look like George Harrison, but I see what I see.)


There are a few funny bits in this outfit. I sort of accidentally bought this blouse/sweater thing at Anthropologie when I was visiting Tito last year and failed to pack appropriate weekend clothes for the cooler Bay Area weather; since we were headed to Anthropologie already so I could scope out some bee flats, I ended up digging through the sales rack to find something warmer and this is what came up. (The bee flats didn’t work out.) It’s kind of a weird top anyway, because even with the built-in under layer, it still needs a camisole to be work-appropriate, and is kind of an odd color and shape, which is probably how it ended up on the sales rack in the first place. I’m going to give it a couple of tries in this 30 for 30, though, and if I’m not a fan of it by the end of things I’ll send it on to a better life. I like it here, so that’s a start.


I also want to mention the striped tights, which are inconveniently not pictured here, but just work that scrolling finger and roll on up to the top of the page. You might think you remember them from last October, but you’d be wrong! These are actually my second pair of said tights.

See, it went like this: when I was pulling them on one morning a month or two after the first wear, things went rip and I ended up with a pair of torn tights in my hand. Turns out the joining areas between the sheer and opaque stripes are kind of fragile. After some deliberation–after all, was the tearing my fault for being too rough with my belongings?–I emailed Fab.com about the incident and asked if I could have my money back, seeing as how I only got to wear them once. I was a little surprised when a member of the help team emailed me back to say that they’d send me another pair if I’d like, but I assented, and here we are. I’ll try to be a little more careful with this pair, but if these ones end up tearing sooner rather than later, I’ll just assume it wasn’t meant to be.

There are some things I don’t think are so great about Fab–because the items have to be shipped from the participating companies to the Fab warehouse and then sent out to the customer, the shipping takes a long time, and I also think that they way overpackage most items–but I will say that I had a good experience with their customer support team and appreciated their prompt contact. I’m still undecided on whether I feel like a jerk for asking them to reimburse me for something I broke, but I’ll try not to let the incident encourage me to be careless with my things.

Anyway, to bring things awkwardly back to the original topic, happy early birthday, Megan! May you treat your belongings with care and never receive defective merchandise. So mote it be.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 1/9/13 (2 of 30)

  1. LOVE the skirt and tights and whole outfit! Thanks for joining the e-party. I have never had a “real” birthday party since my friends often live far and wide, and every year the weather turns foul (ice sleet snow!) right before my birthday. Every one gets busy post-Christmas time. I have loved seeing my blogger buds get together for their own round ups and parties, so for my own I’m happy to have everyone together in one place in spirit at least. Plus I get to spend the week leading up emailing back and forth with my favorite people.

    I think the concept is a little odd, but it is very exciting for me!

    I’m sorry about your tights. I had a similar thing happen with my sheer-striped tights that I got from Asos. The sheer bits are fragile and rip easy. I sewed mine up though so I could still wear them.

  2. D says:

    Yay for good customer support! Hopefully these tights hold up better for you. I have trouble with ripping my tights too. Everything about your outfit is super cute! I really like that bright green belt paired with your skirt.

  3. Cute outfit! I saw it over at Megan’s party today. (I’m also pictured in the party.)

    I love tights more than life itself and know your heartache with the run. I started exploring vintage clothing recently and my first purchase was an expensive pair of seamed stockings. $20! First time on, before I even had them fully pulled up — RIP! Aarrgghh….

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