Where the BLEEP has Tia been?


I’ve been participating in big ass group swing dancing routines in Chicago, with nine couples swinging out at the exact same time, and doing awesome aerials with my husband.


I’ve been at birthday parties, wearing green and purple and looking awfully majestic.



I’ve been at Lindy Focus, one of the biggest party weekends of lindy hop in the US, sporting neon with my fellow midwestern dance friends. (This ended up being less than a quarter of us present, but somehow it is DIFFICULT to organize some 60 odd swing dancers in a hotel of 900 when they are not checking their facebook pages!)



I also wore the evening gown that Jessica helped me pick out two years ago at a thrift store for New Years Eve, and thought of her and kissed my husband at midnight as 2013 started.


I’ve been modeling for my husband and showing off my new haircut. Weirdly, I’ve also been asked if my haircut is cold by men with shorter hair than mine. (Bwuh? Teasing? I guess?)


I’ve been lindy hopping in mini skirts with leopard print fishnet over magenta tights and feeling like a total hottie while doing it.


Finally, this weekend, I was dancing the blues at Winter Blues Intensive, and working my love for the scene into a ferver. Today, I go back to class, and hopefully, I’ve also come back around to blogging my fashion attempts. Special thanks for the photos today go to Braden and Ben for being excellent photographers.


6 thoughts on “Where the BLEEP has Tia been?

  1. TIA. That Chelsea cut is the bomb ass diggity. For realsies.

    I’m excited for you to come back! I love the non-Mia perspective you give the blog, and I think some of your fans are getting a little tired of me.

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