Outfit Post: 1/10/13 (3 of 30)


Blouse: Goodwill — Long-sleeved tee: Target — Skirt: Gift — Tights: Target (Spanx) — Boots: Duo (Ashburn) — Necklace: Fuzppa — Hat: Macy’s — Earrings: Hand-me-down


Can we just…I’m writing this post on my lunch break and I’m eating leftover lamb tikka masala with butter naan and I just…let me give a moment of silence that there is food this delicious in the world.


Okay, food moment over. (Just kidding, food moment is never over when you’re Mia.)  Now it’s cat moment. You’d think Flat Tire wouldn’t hang around my feet if she didn’t want to be in pictures. Then again, logic was never her strong suit, bless her little walnut brain.


A little bit of ruffles, a little bit of hat, a little bit of flowers, and that’s that. (Whoever said poetry wasn’t accessible?)


And hey, you can actually kind of tell that these earrings are tiny cameos. Maybe? Or maybe it just kind of looks like a hedgehog. What do you see?


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 1/10/13 (3 of 30)

  1. D says:

    Ha, I thought your earring was a tiny trilobite at first! Geology is clearly on my mind today. You wear that hat well! I haven’t figured hats out for myself.

  2. Erin says:

    They look sort of like legless beetles to me…Okay, that says something creepy about me. But the necklace is something I would fight you for! So pretty and lady-like!

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