Outfit Post: 1/22-1/23 (15 & 16)


Yurg. Like I said yesterday, some of the pictures I’ve been taking have been…experimental and crummy sans flash because the days are still too dang short for it to be light when I get home. Really, I should just get off my sweet lazy can and have Mike help me get the flash and umbrella set up, but instead I feel like whining about it still being wintertime.


But it’s not even properly wintertime-cold enough for my awesome vest to be appropriate! Cry, cry, weep, wail, and sob. I’ve been fantasizing about summer a lot lately–long evenings, tank tops and shorts, and popsicles. I got a cheapy little set of popsicle molds from IKEA over the weekend (more on that tomorrow) and during my sick day Monday I pinned approximately fourteen thousand popsicle recipes to my Pinterest food board. And yeah, I could just make winter popsicles, but shut up.


Enough of my complaining, though. Let’s all just stare into Eulalie’s eyes until we feel good again.

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