Mia’s Winter 2013 30 for 30: Retrospective











Look at that! Billions and billions of galaxies Mias. Yes, we are past my spontaneous let’s-do-this-thing 30 for 30, and I didn’t even stab anybody.

So, how do I feel about it, looking back? Hmm–alright. I’m not sure I’m as satisfied with the results as I was with 2012’s 30 for 30, but I do feel like I’ve come a ways since 2011’s 30 for 30. I feel like some of these outfits, while acceptable combinations of the stuff I picked out for myself, were a little…boring, maybe? But I guess that’ll happen with any capsule-type challenge, where you’re walking the line between picking items that are as remixable as possible while still keeping things fresh and interesting.

Also, as always, some unexpected elements kept things challenging: having semi-limited washing machine access put something of a cramp in my style and made me put together some odd combinations out of the only things that were clean. The unseasonally warm weather meant that I couldn’t wear certain items as much as I wanted to, and made for some weird layering experiments. Weekend-wear was also difficult–next time, I definitely need to include at least one or two more weekend-appropriate tops, since I just don’t do button-fronts for relaxation purposes.

Other observations:

– MVP: polka-dotted bubble-hem dress (4 wears)

– LVP: red slacks, striped tee, and dark red button-front (2 wears each) — I think this was because I let them all get horribly wrinkled during the move, and fixing that wasn’t on the agenda since I’m still in the market for a new iron (any suggestions?).

-MVC (most valuable color): red (12/30 outfits) — success! Red and I are much more friendly now.

– Hats worn 3 times

– Belts worn 10 times

– Scarves worn 3 times

– Suspenders worn once — far too few times, I reckon.

Have you considered doing a 30 for 30 lately? It’s definitely about a once-a-year thing for me, but I think it’s a good creative exercise, and helps me appreciate the rest of my wardrobe that much more. What do y’all think?


3 thoughts on “Mia’s Winter 2013 30 for 30: Retrospective

  1. There is a color missing here… Let’s see, you’ve got purple, red, orange, yellow, green… Something’s missing! Maybe… a certain color dress?

    • Mia says:

      Oh, I know, Bluey! For the record, I have worn Bluey–to work, even!–but didn’t have time to take pictures that day because I am a poor planner. If the temperature drops again next week like they say it will, Bluey will come out to play.

  2. Erin says:

    If you are one of the people lucky enough to look cute in suspenders (like you), you have a duty to the rest of us to wear them at LEAST once a week. Because suspenders are officially adorable.

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