Outfit Post: 2/13/13


Lace top and clogs: Goodwill — Skirt: Gift — Camisole: Old Navy — OTKs: Target — Necklace: Gift from Erin! — Earrings: Hand-me-down


I really gotta do something about these clogs. They’re extremely cute, but even with OTK socks layered over tights, they kept threatening to slip off my feet and made the ten-minute walk to and from my car uncomfortable (don’t quite feel well enough to get back on the bike yet, so I’ve been driving). Should I invest in some gel things or just give up on them altogether?


Other than the Clog Issue, I quite liked this outfit. Lace! Grumpy fish necklace! I should have folded the OTKs down a bit so the rust-colored tights were visible–I really liked the rose-rust-blue combo–but I’ll just have to remember next time.


Plus, some earrings made by my grandma. She’s responsible for most of the interesting rock-based jewelry in my collection. What can I say? The lady loved geology.


7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/13/13

  1. this whole thing is just lovely! with the lace and the soft looking corduroy and the full skirt… I dig it. as for the clogs… I find that shoes like that fall off when I wear tights because they’re too slippery… and are more comfortable when I’m barefoot and have more traction within the shoe.

    • Mia says:

      Thanks! None of it’s actually corduroy, though–parts of the skirt have a lace overlay thing, so that may be what you see. I can’t wear corduroy because the texture of it makes my skin crawl, haha. I don’t have any food texture issues but I have a bunch of fabric ones…

  2. Erin says:

    I love the idea of clogs, but I have serious problems keeping them on my feet. My one pair are made more like traditional Swedish wooden clogs (aka they rise up in the back as well). I have clog longing, though I’ve learned to put it aside because wearing shoes that don’t stay on my feet just makes me cranky.

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