Outfit Post: 2/19/13


Sweater: Goodwill — Skirt: Leah’s free pile — Tights: Spanx — Boots: Macy’s — Earrings: Target — Necklace: DIY (based on a design from Little Treasures by TG)


Marigold and lavender! I had a premonition that these colors would go well together, and I think I was right. (Even though the sweater tends to photograph less gold and more…mari?)


Because the sweater is 100% cotton (or maybe not, I’m not a textiles expert) it tends to get a little slouchy over the course of the day. This goes double for the sleeves, especially when I’n pushing them up and pulling them down all morning long in a futile attempt to regulate my body temperature in our old, poorly-ventilated office building.


And look, I wore my DIY necklace again! I made a few necklaces for people for Christmas and they generally seemed well-pleased with the results. I’ve been itching to branch out and have pinned a number of necklace tutorials to my crafting board; tomorrow I might actually try dip-dying the piece of venice lace applique I received in the mail last week. I’ll keep you posted.


Have you crafted anything lately?


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/19/13

  1. I am a ridiculous fail DIYer, so… no. And I’m a pretty crap designer, though lately I have had the urge to make my own jewelry. I guess spending so much time in the jewelry industry I do know how… I just don’t think I have the talent. Or the patience, really. I’m pretty bad at making things, honestly. It’s better if I just have something nice to photograph!

    You’re right, these colors look great together! I like the boots, too. They give the outfit a sort of rocker/little house on the prairie vibe… or something like that.

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