Outfit Post: 2/23-2/24/13


Is it sad that I had to check my Twitter history because I absolutely could not remember what I did on Saturday when I wore this outfit? Possibly because I spent part of the day in pajamas doing crafting:


Well, dip-dying a piece of venice lace for a necklace, if you count that as crafting. (Said lace is now dry and hanging in the spare bedroom, waiting to be stiffened and adorned before it’s done.)


I think I only threw on clothes when Mike and I decided to make a snack run to World Market with a giftcard someone gave me for Christmas. That weekend was the last one I’ll have completely free for at least a month, so I was prepared to wallow in it, and wallow I did.


See, on Sunday I decided to participate in Maureen Johnson’s Name of the Star readalong, wherein a bunch of people read NotS and chattered about it on Twitter in preparation for Tuesday’s release of its sequel, The Madness Underneath.


 I didn’t win a copy, but I did enjoy NotS and also got to lounge around in my favorite t-shirt tunic and leggings, so I’d call it a success.


When was the last lazy weekend you had? Do you like them, or do you get bored? I am a supremely lazy individual, so I’m a fan, but I’ve also got lots of fun stuff coming up in March so I can’t be too sad about that. (Well, I could, but it seems counterproductive.)

2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/23-2/24/13

  1. I looooooove lazy weekends. But I also love weekends that take me outside into fresh air and nature. Actually a combination of sleeping in and dilly dallying all day Saturday followed by hiking on Sunday is my perfect weekend (which is what I did last weekend).

    I love your t-shirt tunic combo, and I want to see the dip dyed necklace in all its glory! Also I’ve now added The Name of the Star to my kindle wishlist. So thanks for that 🙂

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