Outfit Post: 3/4/13


Button-Front: Goodwill — Skirt: One Mango Tree — OTKs: Sock Dreams — Boots: Woman Within — Necklace: Thrifted — Earrings: Vintage


I’m so pleased with the combination of colors and patterns here, guys. This week has been kind of iffy, but I am taking a triumph here where I can get it.


I took advantage of our weird in-betweeny weather to wear my giraffe OTKs without any tights, and while they did a little bit of sliding and rolling, they mostly stayed up like good socks ought to. I should give them a treat.


How has your week been going, internet? I have been neglecting some things I ought not to (getting a dining room table and a washer/dryer, setting up the bookshelves, tidying up the house for friends over this weekend), but in the end it’s all stuff that can wait if it has to.


One thing that can’t wait anymore, though, is laundry. (I mean, I’m still doing okay because I’ve got clothes for days, but Mike is pretty near out of pants and work shirts.) We’ll have to hoof it to the corner laundromat after work and spend the evening doing a couple loads. Romantic, no?

7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 3/4/13

  1. Mia! My “Lobe Wonder” patches arrived: I’m wearing some now, and… think they’re working. I’d thought these earrings were heavy, but perhaps they were just too swingy, and their swinging made me think about them more. Either way, the patches stabilize them beautifully.

    I’m happy to share a couple with you and Tia! If you’re interested, ladies, send me your addresses.

  2. Those socks. Those socks! They are pretty great. I think it’s time I make another Sock Dreams order.

    My week has been going. I’ve had a health thing that I’m debating blogging about, a final paper due for a class I’ve not enjoyed, and plenty of Girl Scout cookies.

  3. I’m guessing by now that you finally got around to doing that stuff you put off, right? I love having the luxury of not rushing errands and stuff. Life’s too short to do boring things. haha

    Speaking of not boring things – your outfit!! Your mixing is so creative. It’s kind of cool how you take an outfit that could ordinarily be simple (shirt, skirt, and boots) and bump it up a notch with snazzy socks. It’s a totally unique look! 🙂

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