4 thoughts on “This Just In: Road Trips Fun/Exhausting

  1. I have a mini road trip every time I drive home to Philadelphia, but lately I’ve been taking the train more, and thinking about selling my car. My friend and I drove cross-country a couple years ago, and I still have posts to make on that blog. By the time I do that, it will be new vacation road trip adventure!

  2. I love that first photo immensely. And your tea sounds delicious. I haven’t been on a road trip in ages; I’m usually too antsy to sit in the car for long, but I think maybe this spring/summer I’ll do that. You make it look so good!

  3. Both pictures are gorgeous in their own ways. Also I wish I could pull that plate out of my monitor and eat it right now.

    My last road trip was in January to visit my bro, get my tats, and generally be adventurous for my birthday. I’m overdo for another one.

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