Team Outfit Pictures: 3/24/13


And lo, on Sunday there occurred a garden party at Tia’s family’s estate, where food and good times were had by all! (Read: Tia’s mom and dad had a barbecue at their house. There was tri-tip and silly games.)


And Braden did take pictures of us, the two beautifullest ladies in all the land, who never ever make grumpy faces at the peanut gallery.


Not even when the peanut gallery pelts said beautifullest ladies with juggling balls like absolute philistines. (That’s what the Philistines did to Samson, right?)


It was truly a joyous occasion, marked by dancing!


Dancing and dresses with very convenient pockets.


Dancing and dresses with very convenient pockets and new fancy shoes! (Tia’s are Fluevogs; mine have parrots on them.)


Also, a giraffe dangerously close to Mia’s butt, as per usual.

[Not pictured: sword fighting, unicycle rides, and juggling with fire. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Fun is serious business at the Shelleys’.]


2 thoughts on “Team Outfit Pictures: 3/24/13

  1. I would be disappointed with nothing less at Tia’s Dad’s house 😉
    Love both outfits, and the shoes! The shoes!!
    Pockets are a deal breaker when I am clothes shopping. If whatever I am looking at doesn’t have pockets, I don’t like whatever I’m looking at.

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