Outfit Post: 4/26/13


Button-front: Van Heusen Outlet — Pants and sandals: Goodwill — Bracelet, earrings, and necklace: Gifts


If you follow me on Twitter at all or read Nisaba Be Praised, you might have noticed an explosion of activity this weekend. A book-related explosion. Yes, kids, it was the Read-a-thon.


As is tradition, my dear friend Tito and I got together to spend roughly 24 hours reading books, chatting, and participating in online book community stuff. Some people do the Read-a-thon for charity, which is really great, but we just do it for fun, and because we really like not getting any sleep over the weekend.


I say “roughly” 24 hours because a) the start time for the US West Coast is 5am, which, blech, and b) I usually fall asleep at least a few hours before the end. This year I got closer than ever, though, because Tito and I were hosting a mini-challenge and we got stuck with a 1am-4am time slot to run it! I think we’re going to try to get a better time slot in October and run the same challenge again, because we only got 14 entries but some of them had me crying with laughter.

All in all it was a pretty successful Read-a-thon, although I think I actually read less than most previous ‘thons thanks to my newfound Twitter addiction (the only full-length book I finished was Megan Whalen Turner’s The Thief, which is a fantastic non-Northern-Europe-setting fantasy YA, for the record). We’ll see how well the October ‘thon goes, since it’s happening the same weekend as the 2013 Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco–I may have to bug out for a few hours to go buy lots of indie comics.


On an unrelated note, an internet friend sent me the tiniest skull necklace in the world and I can’t handle it.


TINY SKULL NECKLACE. It’s the size of some of my larger freckles! I love you, tiny skull necklace. Never leave me.

Outfit Post: 4/25/13


Button-front: Goodwill — Skirt: Leah’s free pile — Suspenders: Thrifted — Oxfords: Payless — Ring: Gift


Purple! Purple purple purple? PURPLE.


Uh, yeah. For some reason I decided to go extra-mega-purple last Thursday, and I think it worked out.


Mostly I just had the top half in mind because the suspenders/plaid shirt combination made me feel like a Newsies extra. (Does anybody actually wear suspenders in Newsies? I’ve never seen it, I’ve apparently just acquired a mental image of the cast through pop-culture osmosis.)


Do you ever take a picture of yourself and then stare at it for a while because it doesn’t look anything like you? This is that for me. Whose face is that?

Outfit Post: 4/24/13 (Plus Bobby Socklings Review)


Top and heels: Swapped — Camisole: Goodwill — Skirt: Blacklist Vintage — Socks: Sock Dreams (Bobby Socklings in Moss) — Ring: Target — Earrings: Vendor on campus


Did I hear someone say it’s been a while since we had a product review here on Reading in Skirts? Well no, I probably didn’t, but let’s pretend I did for the sake of the segue.


So, you guys might have noticed that Tia and I like socks. It’s true! During the cooler months I’ve been learning to let my sock wings fly with thigh-highs and OTKs, but I also love-love-love how cute ankle and midcalf socks can be when worn intentionally. Socks and heels, socks and flats, socks and heels again. I love it.


But the main problem with me trying to do this is that all my socks bite! I have thicker ankles and calves (I don’t have an ankle measurement at the moment, but the thickest part of my calves is around 16″), and the cuff of most normal crew socks will dig-dig-dig into my ankle, and it looks weird and feels worse. Sometimes I fold the elastic cuff under, which fixes the weird look but not the discomfort. Recently, I turned to Sock Dreams and got a couple pairs of socks with a wider cuff and a more relaxed fit to see if I, too, could properly know the joy of intentional sock usage.

And lo! It turns out I love them. “Them” being Bobby Socklings, a shorter version of the regular midcalf Sockling. They’re soft and bright, and the cuff is just about everything I could hope for. They do slouch a little when I walk because they’re not clamped aggressively to my leg, but I’m 100% a-okay with that, especially since it’s just a minor, gentle slouch.


Also, a cool thing? I emailed Sock Dreams to ask if they had any other comfortable-cuff socks, and they totally wrote back! With suggestions and everything! B. gave a few recommendations like the B.ella Bastia Comfort Top Crew (which I want in Wisteria, like, yesterday) and any of EG Smith’s ECO brand socks, such as the Scalloped Top Crew, which are a bit of a chunkier texture. She also recommended the B.ella Meg Unconstricted Top Crew–I actually got a pair in pink along with my Bobby Socklings, but I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet.


She also suggested some plush, fuzzy socks in the form of the B.ella Alpine Merino Mousse Crew and Nouvella Space Dyed Terry Shorties, if you like something cushy. On the pricier side of things, we have the Easy Does It Relaxed Fit Striped Midcalf and Plush Relaxed Fit Midcalf, both from Sockwell. I don’t know if my budget is quite ready for $20+ midcalf socks, but they’re probably a decent investment if you can manage it!

And, I mean, even $8 per pair seems like kind of a lot when you’re used to $9 for a three-pack at Target, but I’m honestly pretty happy to work $8 socks into my budget if it means I’m not coming home with a cuff ring around my poor ankles at the end of the day. When the weather starts to cool down again, you better believe I’m going to be ordering myself most (if not all) of the Bobby Sockling colors in both regular and heather.

[I was not contacted by any company to review the products mentioned here, and I did not receive any compensation for reviewing them. All opinions stated are my own. I just want to help other thick-legged folks find socks that work for them!]

Outfit Post: 4/23/13


Top: Gift — Pants: Goodwill — Flats: 6pm.com (Frye) — Earrings: Solano Stroll — Ring: Nervous System


Sal over at Already Pretty has mentioned several times that ever since she cut her hair short, she’s been inclined to wear big necklaces or scarves and go minimal on the earrings.


If you’ve been reading my part of this blog for any amount of time, you know this isn’t the case for me; between big necklace and big earrings, I’ll go for big earrings almost every single time. I like my big hoops, my big discs, my big…whatever these are. And, of course, the danglers.

I’m not sure what it is about earrings–maybe I like them because my mom has had a big collection of cool and interesting earrings ever since I remember. Maybe they’re just flashy in a way that I really like. Whatever it is, I see eye-catching earrings and I make with the grabby hands.


What about you? Big-ass necklaces or big-ass earrings? Both? Neither? Everything, all the time?

Outfit Post: 4/22/13


Top: Swapped — Skirt: Goodwill (Target) — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Bracelet: Gift — Necklace: Thrifted — Earrings: Hand-me-down


So, the inspiration for this outfit came from one of my favorite time-wasting sites on the internet: The Hairpin. (Kidding–you guys are never a waste of time.)


See, Rebecca Jane Stokes has been doing this indescribably great “Get This Look” series, and most recently she did cheese. CHEESE. So what could I do but come up with my own rendition of the bleu cheese outfit pictured?


I had to make it work-appropriate, of course, so just wearing a bikini top was out of the question, as was carrying around a cleaver. Maybe you could call this the Classy-Ass Edition? I mean, it’s got pearls and everything.


Outfit Post: 4/21/13


Dress: eBay (Aryeh) — Shorts: Goodwill — Sandals and earrings: Target — Bracelet: Gift — Necklace: Thrifted


Can I pretend this look is like summer mori girl? Or maybe it’s just summer frump. The day was a little windy and I needed some extra protection against indecent exposure, so I pulled out these shorts.


You can’t see it in these pictures, but they’re swiss dot and completely adorable, which is why I’m willing to overlook the fact that they’re probably pajama shorts, since they’re a little sheer and also have a drawstring waist.


Whatever, man, you can’t tame me.

Outfit Post: 4/18/13


Hey, bros and broquettes! Mike lent his camera to a coworker over the weekend, so we all get to deal with some soft-focus slightly-fisheyed iPhone pictures for the next day or two.


You may have seen this Hermes infographic-y thing going around on Pinterest about interesting ways to tie silk scarves, and I decided to give it a try with this rainbow scarf I got from a flea market in Mexico.


I think Hermes could have varied their models a bit in those images, but I’m pretty fond of  how the scarf/necklace hybrid came out. I tend to neglect my scarves, especially in the summer when it gets too hot to wear anything that close to your neck, so this is a neat (and cool, temperature-wise) way to work them in. And it’s just knots! JUST KNOTS, PEOPLE. I’m not sure how you’d make it work with a bulkier scarf–the long, narrow ones seem to be best–but I’ll probably give it a try soon since we’re hitting 90+ temperatures this week.

Do you have any interesting scarf tips? I love them but I sometimes find them baffling…

(P.S. Ellie, please email me! I can’t send you your prize until you do.)

Outfit Post: 4/17/13


Dress: eShakti — Cardigan and socks: target — Boots: Thrifted — Belt: Goodwill (Target) — Hat: Borrowed from Mike


Hey, guys! Let’s have some diverting and lighthearted links, shall we? Yes, let’s.

Link one: Baby tapir with baby tapir tongue.


Link two: Astronauts falling down on the moon.


Link three: LIL BUB and her infinitely googly eyes.


Link four: a Jurassic Park dating sim called Jurassic Heart.


Link five: a springtime clafoutis recipe, for those of us for whom eggy desserts mean happiness.

What links have you been enjoying lately?

Outfit Post: 4/16/13


Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack — Camisole: Gap Outlet — Skirt: Gift — Flats: Goodwill — Belt: Macy’s? — Headband: The Faerie Market — Ring: Hand-me-down


Tuesday needed a little somethin’-somethin’, and that somethin’ turned out to be a fern-leaf headband.


This is supposed to be a crumple skirt–you know, the kind that you twist up while wet so that it dries all crumply–and yet somehow it still comes out less wrinkled than most of the clothes I wash and dry normally. Go figure.


This has been a rough week around some parts, and I hope you’re all doing as well as circumstances allow. It’s encouraging to see people respond with kindness and generosity, and it’s also encouraging to see folks refusing to accept the bullshit that some people think they can hand us.


That got a little dramatic and I’m not sure how to end this post, so, y’know. Keep on keepin’ on, dudes. As always, we will muddle through.

Outfit Post: 4/15/13


Dress: Ross — Top: Target — Flats: American Rag — Bracelet: Thrifted — Earrings: Etsy


The wind has been ruthless around here lately, but I managed to take a few pictures after work on Monday without getting gusted out of our backyard. Wearing sleeves that can double as sails may have been a poor choice.


I’ve actually worn this combination at least once before, but didn’t manage to photograph it until now. That doesn’t mean this’ll be the last time, though; the combination of pattern-mixing and pajama-level comfort is just too strong to resist.


A coworker told me I looked summery, and my immediate reaction was, “YOU LIE, I LOOK LIKE I SHOULD BE LOUNGING SLEEPILY ON A GLAMOROUS COUCH SOMEWHERE WHILE EATING, I DUNNO, PEELED GRAPES OR SOMETHING.” I probably won’t be able to manage this much coverage at the height of summer, either, so I better appreciate our protracted spring while I can.


Plus, wooden jewelry again! I missed you, weird, difficult-to-put-on earrings.