Outfit Post: 3/29/13


Top, pants, and flats: Goodwill — Necklace: DIY — Earrings: Hand-me-down — Bracelet: Solano Stroll


Okay, so I didn’t actually wear this outfit on Easter, but it’s pretty appropriate anyway, seeing as how I look like a big Easter egg and all.


The silliest Easter egg to ever grace this planet Earth! Or at least the clumsiest.


How was your Easter, anyway, if you celebrate it? I don’t celebrate it in the religious sense but I do celebrate it in the getting-together-with-people-and-eating-food sense, so luckily for me Tia’s family invited us over for smoked turkey and cribbage. Not too shabby for what would otherwise have been a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon. (Thanks, Becky!)


I’ve also got a couple of lamb chops waiting the fridge so that I can cook them up later this week and pretend I’m with my family while I’m eating them, since it’s not really a holiday with us unless you’ve got a lamb bone hanging out of your mouth. (Sorry, veg-friends.) We’re a civilized bunch, I tells ya.


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 3/29/13

  1. D says:

    Orange and green rock together. Love it! My Easter was nice and relaxed, though instead of lamb, I ate lots of ham. Yum!

  2. I may have just made “gimme” hands at the screen. Those PANTS. Omg.

    As for Easter- yummmm lamb. I had ham at mom’s, then steak salad at my inlaw’s from their grilled filet mignons. It’s not a holiday without a ridiculous piece of meat…

    There was the one year my uncle did barbecue rabbit for Easter.

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