Outfit Post: 3/30/13


Tank top, button-front, and jeans: Goodwill — Shoes: eBay (Eleanor Grosch for Keds) — Belt: Target — Earrings: Swapped?


I like the fit and look of these jeans (other than an annoying seam along the waistband that necessitates me tucking in shirts and tank tops), but I find them hard to style–maybe because I just don’t think regular flared blue jeans are all that exciting to look at?


I do like this outfit, though, even if it was a pretty basic thing thrown together for errand-running.


I need to take in the straps on this sequined tank top, though–I had a few near-incidents while leaning over at the grocery store. I mean, I like my boobs and all, but people at the grocery store don’t need to see them when they’re just trying to get some salad greens.


Also, I’m not done being excited about my new shoes! See, the story goes that a while back I picked up a set of bird-themed notecards illustrated by Eleanor Grosch because I loved her graphic, Charley-Harper-esque style, and when I found out she’s had at least one collaboration with Keds on some flippin’ adorable sneakers, it was all over. I just had to wait for a pair my size to pop up on eBay, and I was on those parroty suckers like a girl who really wanted some cute novelty-print shoes already. They’re fairly comfortable, too, so these probably won’t be my only pair. Who knows what’ll come my way next? Owls? Llamas? Giraffes? Only time will tell.


(Well, it’ll probably be the giraffes, but let’s pretend it’s a surprise, shall we?)

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