Outfit Post: 4/5/13


Top: Leah’s free pile — Skirt: Goodwill — Socks: Target — Boots: Woman Within — Belt: Thrifted — Ring: Solano Stroll — Earrings: The Wood Merchant


Springy enough for you? Pollen and sunshine are practically leaking out my ears.


I’m glad they really aren’t, though. That would be unpleasant.


I ended up wearing this rather girly ensemble to a student-run drag show after work Friday night; most of the acts made up for a lack of experience with barrels of enthusiasm, and other than a few problematic moments, I enjoyed myself.


We’re getting into pride week here on campus, and tonight the school is putting on a production of the play 8–unfortunately, I think we’ll be busy taking care of mundane things at home and I’ll have to miss it. I’m hoping the rest of the events for the week will be as inclusive as possible and highlight some of the more neglected groups under the “queer” umbrella, though! Here, let’s all close our eyes and make a wish.


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