Outfit Post: 4/13/13


Top: Swapped — Jeans: Nordstrom Rack — Sandals: Goodwill (Aerosoles) — Bracelet: Gift — Pendant: Hand-me-down


Top or tunic? I guess it’s a top because you can see my crotch. That’s the official definition, right? Either way, I like this thing and its handkerchief hem. I actually liked this outfit a whole lot and I’m not sure it photographed as well as it could have–que pena. I still need to get another wireless trigger to replace the old one that broke, because setting the timer and dashing back and forth is not my favorite game to play.


I do have a question, though: how do people wear long jersey-ish tops or tunics over jeans without the jersey clinging to the waistband details (belt loops, buttons, etc.) and looking weird? This might be a Mia-specific thing because tops that are loose around my chest and waist are still kind of tight around my hips, which emphasizes the problem.


Or maybe it’s not as obvious to other people as it is to me and all I need is to pretend like I don’t notice it either? Or maybe this is what jeggings were made for. (See, if anybody ever mistakes me for a knowledgeable, stylish blogger, you can set them straight. I know nothing.)


On a side-note, I tried to replicate Alex’s “I want to be alone” pose from the other day because I thought it was the greatest, except apparently I completely forgot what she was doing between looking at her blog and taking my own pictures on Saturday. My pose came off much more, “gee, Stacey, if you didn’t want to come to my pool party you could have just said so! Tschah!” What were you saying again, Alex, about the difference between the photos you take and the photos you think you take?


6 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/13/13

  1. But I totally had a good reason not to come to your pool party, Heather, I was ON THE RAG.

    As for clingy jersey, I have only the lamest of tips: use fabric softener. I only use the free and clear kind, since I have skin like a delicate angel fairy, but it really helps (also with sweaters).

  2. That is a super flattering top/tunic/upper half of your body covering. The color looks really nice on you and I love that hemline! And kudos to you for always looking so composed if you are having to set your camera timer and run over to pose for your photo 🙂

  3. Hahahaha love it! We should do a silly pose challenge once a month or something… and get everyone else to do it too!

    Also this color combination is fab. And there’s no way I know of to prevent the cling, which I struggle with, too. Bounce dryer sheets maybe?

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