Outfit Post: 4/15/13


Dress: Ross — Top: Target — Flats: American Rag — Bracelet: Thrifted — Earrings: Etsy


The wind has been ruthless around here lately, but I managed to take a few pictures after work on Monday without getting gusted out of our backyard. Wearing sleeves that can double as sails may have been a poor choice.


I’ve actually worn this combination at least once before, but didn’t manage to photograph it until now. That doesn’t mean this’ll be the last time, though; the combination of pattern-mixing and pajama-level comfort is just too strong to resist.


A coworker told me I looked summery, and my immediate reaction was, “YOU LIE, I LOOK LIKE I SHOULD BE LOUNGING SLEEPILY ON A GLAMOROUS COUCH SOMEWHERE WHILE EATING, I DUNNO, PEELED GRAPES OR SOMETHING.” I probably won’t be able to manage this much coverage at the height of summer, either, so I better appreciate our protracted spring while I can.


Plus, wooden jewelry again! I missed you, weird, difficult-to-put-on earrings.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/15/13

  1. Oooh I love this look! I should try something similar with the tank dress I had on today.

    This outfit does look summery, even if it won’t necessarily work in the heat. Rock it while the weather’s right!!

  2. That outfit looks super comfy ~ did you resist the urge to take a mini-snooze at work?
    Those earrings are really cute. Do you have to stab that little wooden stake in your ear to fix them in place though??

  3. Last week, when it hit over 90F here in DC, I pulled out my maxi dresses from my summer storage box. They are work-appropriate while still feeling like pajamas! How is that even possible? I want to buy 87 more for this summer.

    I usually throw on a cropped cardigan with mine, but I like what you’ve done here with the shirt. Some flowy sleeves and a little pattern mixing, and yes, that looks great!

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