Outfit Post: 4/16/13


Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack — Camisole: Gap Outlet — Skirt: Gift — Flats: Goodwill — Belt: Macy’s? — Headband: The Faerie Market — Ring: Hand-me-down


Tuesday needed a little somethin’-somethin’, and that somethin’ turned out to be a fern-leaf headband.


This is supposed to be a crumple skirt–you know, the kind that you twist up while wet so that it dries all crumply–and yet somehow it still comes out less wrinkled than most of the clothes I wash and dry normally. Go figure.


This has been a rough week around some parts, and I hope you’re all doing as well as circumstances allow. It’s encouraging to see people respond with kindness and generosity, and it’s also encouraging to see folks refusing to accept the bullshit that some people think they can hand us.


That got a little dramatic and I’m not sure how to end this post, so, y’know. Keep on keepin’ on, dudes. As always, we will muddle through.


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/16/13

  1. Hah! I have the same problem, but then again most of my clothes are 100% cotton. Ah well, wrinkles or no wrinkles, it’s a very cute skirt.

    Hope you’re doing well, Mia. We’re battening down the hatches (again) as hot and cold weather battle it out in my middling state. Just crossing my fingers for no tornado touch downs. Worst time of year for ’em, and with the way this week is going, there’s gotta be some good news, right?

  2. Love how all the colors work together in this outfit. And that headband is really cute!
    I’ve given up trying to make sense of all the goings on in the world at the moment, and am just praying that all my friends and family are doing well and staying out of the madness themselves.

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