Outfit Post: 4/18/13


Hey, bros and broquettes! Mike lent his camera to a coworker over the weekend, so we all get to deal with some soft-focus slightly-fisheyed iPhone pictures for the next day or two.


You may have seen this Hermes infographic-y thing going around on Pinterest about interesting ways to tie silk scarves, and I decided to give it a try with this rainbow scarf I got from a flea market in Mexico.


I think Hermes could have varied their models a bit in those images, but I’m pretty fond of  how the scarf/necklace hybrid came out. I tend to neglect my scarves, especially in the summer when it gets too hot to wear anything that close to your neck, so this is a neat (and cool, temperature-wise) way to work them in. And it’s just knots! JUST KNOTS, PEOPLE. I’m not sure how you’d make it work with a bulkier scarf–the long, narrow ones seem to be best–but I’ll probably give it a try soon since we’re hitting 90+ temperatures this week.

Do you have any interesting scarf tips? I love them but I sometimes find them baffling…

(P.S. Ellie, please email me! I can’t send you your prize until you do.)


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 4/18/13

  1. I neglect my scarves, too… I just can’t deal with them at all when it gets humid!

    Sometimes I wish all photos could be iPhone photos… so convenient! If only the camera was a little bit better, especially in low light. My restaurant photos would be so much nicer.

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