Outfit post: 4/29/13


Blouse and sandals: Goodwill — Pants: Old Navy — Necklace: Gift from Katie! — Bracelet: Solano Stroll


I like the summery color combination here, but I need to remember to stick with longer shirts and tunics with these pants. Aside from having a sort of yoga-y foldover waistband that shows through more form-fitting shirts, they’re also a bit more see-through than I recalled and I spent the whole day on Underwear Watch, so something that covers up the butt region is a good thing to have.


In an ideal world, all my clothes would be perfectly remixable with each other, and I do strive for universal interchangeability as much as possible–it gets frustrating when you have to remember, “oh yeah, this shirt only works with high-waisted skirts, oh wait, I can only wear these pants if I want to wear heels,” yadda yadda yadda. It’s too high-maintenance! Be flexible, clothes. Go with the flow.


So far I’ve made an exception for the pants, though, because they’re comfy and cool and I like the way they look. I just need more tunics in my life, apparently.

How remixable do you expect your clothes to be? Are there specific pieces that you hang onto even though they require a bit more finagling?


8 thoughts on “Outfit post: 4/29/13

  1. Those ARE fun pants. Can the foldover waistband be worn not-folded-over, or would it just bunch up?

    I aim for Maximum Versatility in my wardrobe, but it doesn’t always work. I like short tops with skirts, and long ones with pants. I Only wear high heels on special occasions, which prevents worrying about inseam lengths most days.

  2. Cute outfit! Those pants make your legs look like they go on for miles and miles! I’m not too picky so I would say most of my wardrobe plays nicely with each other. And I’ve found as I’ve gotten older, I don’t care if something doesn’t 100% match. If it fits, if it’s clean, then it goes out the door ~ haha!:D

  3. I want my wardrobe to be maximally remixable, and like Amy, I sometimes achieve that by lowering my standards of what “works” together. One of my biggest irritations is that I have blazers that look right with pants and not with skirts. I guess some of my sweaters are like that too, but it irritates me more with blazers. I don’t wear my blazers enough as it is, and the added annoyance of them not looking right with certain skirt combos does nothing to fix that.

  4. rubybastille says:

    I definitely have a few problem pieces like that – one is a gorgeous black button-up silk blouse with a cute tie in the back, but it’s just a tiny bit short and does weird things to my proportions. And I have one pair of pants that can only be worn with flats, plus a couple that can only be worn with my tallest heels (which, seriously, I should just hem them already).

  5. This shirt is a fantastic color for you! It’s really great for your skin tone and hair or something like that… at least that’s what I think a color analysis expert would say.

    I like the white pants, too, and wish I had white pants. I feel like I have the same problem with the underwear and anything white on the bottom. Always feels conspicuous, and then I get uncomfortable, and then… yeah.

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