Loads of Links 5/3/13


+ Halal nail polish! A great intersection of style and faith.

+ This has been going around for a while, but it bears re-sharing: 20 plus-size fashion bloggers at sizes 24+. (There are more suggestions in the comments, too!)

+ Debenhams, a UK retailer I wasn’t previously familiar with, have included some less-typical models in their latest lookbook, including older women, an amputee, and a paralympian athlete! I think they could still strive to improve, but as they say, it’s “a step, albeit a small one.”

+ “Let’s talk about first world problems.”

+ I don’t think I’ve talked about webcomics in a while–A Stray in the Woods, by Alison Wilgus, is an “collaborative comic adventure” with gorgeous style and an intriguing story thus far. It’s really only collaborative if you’re on Tumblr, which I have managed to avoid, but it’s still great if you’re just following along. Some other collaborative comic adventures I’ve enjoyed are the completed RubyQuest, and (with slightly less intuitive formats) the ongoing DiveQuest and NanQuest. (All three are by the same author, Weaver, and are NSFW compared to A Stray in the Woods.)

+ Also on the comics topic, comicker and all-around amazing person Erika Moen has started a new sex toy review comic blog, Oh Joy Sex Toy! (NSFW, obvs.)

+ Two excellent quotes ’round the internet recently: on fatness and on “so-called vulgar” works of art.

+ New blogger Nichole at Neighborhood Dilettante talks about school, fashion, and the big city.

+ 9 LGBT Athletes of Color who paved the way for Jason Collins. (Once again, some good additions in the comments.)

+ And finally, since I seem to enjoy sharing short films here (and because I have fond memories of Elis Regina from Portuguese class in college):

One thought on “Loads of Links 5/3/13

  1. So I totally just went all the way through that cat thing and loved it.

    These link posts are among my favorite posts of yours. Well, I like all posts, it’s true. But I really like these and want you to know that. I always feel like you share things that remind me to… keep striving to improve myself (or something like that). Yeah I don’t know. It’s midnight, so it’s not late enough for me to come up with something profound.

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