Things I Did Not Buy: For Jessica Edition

[Trigger warning: I’m gonna be a little sad and talk about death today, so bug out if you gotta.]

Today, Jessica would have turned 25. (Who’s Jessica? You can find out here, if you’re okay with reading about a dead friend.) It’s weird to think that I’m older than she ever got to be, and I wonder what kind of person she would be now if she were still around. And I mean, it’s her birthday! What would we have done in the last two years, what would I want to get her for a present? It’s hard to know, but I’m thinking about what I would get her now, as things are, and it’s making me smile.


Avatar: The Last Airbender aired years before her death, but as far as I know, she never watched it, and I only got into it a few years ago myself. She might like The Legend of Korra a bit better, come to think of it, but I still think she’d like an Appa hat.


Or maybe I’d get her a marimo! Normally I shy away from gifting live things, but I gave someone a marimo for Christmas and it worked out, so why not? Besides being cute and funny, they need very little care, so she could sleep as much as she wanted and it wouldn’t wake her up for walkies.


One of the last gifts she ever gave me was a pair of Allosaurus earrings, so how about returning the favor? This designer has an array of amazing dinosaur pins, but this Dorygnathus skull–not technically a dinosaur at all, but close enough–is so crazy-looking all I can think of is Jessica.


And hey, since I’m fantasizing anyway, I’d give her a Maria Francesca Pepe teeth necklace (modeled here by Shirley Manson)–because when I think of her, I think of scary things. I think of someone who loved the macabre and the creepy, someone who would have eaten this up. I think it’s what she would have wanted.


2 thoughts on “Things I Did Not Buy: For Jessica Edition

  1. Wait, what is a marimo? It’s alive?

    I just googled. Mind blown.

    I always want to leave deep, thoughtful comments on posts like this one… but I can’t. Not yet. One day I’ll get what’s in my thoughts to come out of my fingers, but not yet.

    But one day. Really. I swear.

    • Mia says:

      Marimos are awesome! You should get one, they’re like $9 at Petsmart.

      Take your time, lady-o. I’ll be here. 🙂

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