Outfit Post: 5/9/13


Dress: eBay (Anthropologie) — Blazer: Goodwill — Flats: American Rag — Earrings: Gift from Katie! — Necklace: NoMoreRack — Ring: Gift


I’m not sure about this blazer. I picked it up on a thrifting venture while Tia was in town, but I’m just…not sure about it.


I like the yellow (which is more saturated IRL than in the pictures here) and I like the idea of it…but maybe it’s just that the reality doesn’t quite match up to the idea. It’s kind of wrinkly even when I iron it, and it just doesn’t feel like the quality is that great.


Maybe the problem is wearing it with this dress–I love the purples of the top half so much, and it’s a shame to cover that up.


I’ll probably hang onto it a little longer and give it another shot, but these days I have less patience for clothing that I’m on the fence about–one or two tries and if I’m not super into it, out it goes. That unsure feeling in my clothing makes me less confident, and that can color my whole day with insecurity, which is not something I enjoy so much.

How much time do you give clothing that you feel eh about? Do you put up with it because the love comes in time? Do you chuck it ASAP? Do you only buy what you really, truly love in the first place?


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 5/9/13

  1. Jen says:

    I do a lot of my shopping at Goodwill, and I do a lot of my shopping on my lunch hour, both of which mean: no trying things on. The Goodwill in my town had to close their dressing rooms because homeless people were using them as BATHROOMS (I know… GROSS), and now they’ve installed a curtain thing that you can pull around yourself, rather like a shower curtain, right next to the front counter. So yeah… not disrobing there. So I often wind up with things that don’t fit right or just don’t work for whatever reason. I give those things ONE try, and if I’m tugging at or readjusting myself all day or developing blisters from those adorable but just a teeny bit too small shoes, out they go. Usually right back to Goodwill. Sometimes I hold onto something for a while because it just needs a little alteration or a button sewn on or something, and it languishes in my To Be Fixed pile for a month or so, and then it goes back to Goodwill. Oh well, at least it’s cheap, and I don’t drink or smoke anymore so I consider that my vice.

  2. Like you, I like the idea of yellow, but it’s never stuck around in my wardrobe. I’m pretty sure I don’t have anything yellow at all anymore.

    I have gotten more choosy, but I do still sometimes take risks. Some things I thought I’d love, have been passed on, other things have become my favorite.

    Usually I put some stuff in a bag, and leave it in the car for awhile. If I find myself missing it, I’ll pull it back out. If I haven’t then I probably won’t miss it. I know there are always more cute clothes, so it doesn’t upset me much to redonate, consign, sell, or otherwise get rid of things.

    I definitely don’t wear anything I don’t feel comfortable in. Sometimes it’s not even a specific reason, just “I don’t feel good” and that lets me know that it’s time for that piece to go.

  3. Becky Shelley says:

    I think the yellow jacket is cute but I think its too short for your beautiful long waistedness. I think that is what is bothering you. if the banded middle hit you more in the middle, and of course stayed pressed! it would be a winner. I just went thru a wardrobe purge and sent 8 bags of clothes out into the world. either because they didn’t fit, or I just didn’t think they flattered my current body. or because my closet just was overwhelmed and exploded last Thursday,no really it did. I went to put some pants into my hamper and my closet shelf and rod came off the wall and attacked me. But I fortunately have a great hubby and son who installed a lovely new custom closet where everything fits neatly into. So no regrets on sending those clothes out into the world . Just hope they find loving homes.

  4. I would hate to cover this dress with anything, too! I agree with Becky, it the blazer might be too short for your torso. You could always try it unbuttoned and with skinny pants, though… that might help with the balance.

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