Outfit Post: 5/13/13


Dress: Gift — Sandals: Danskos — Necklace and earrings: Gifts from Costa Rica — Ring: Monterey Bay Aquarium


Some days, I just want to wear such as a simple dress.


This dress has seen me through a lot–beach trips, bad sunburns, Sunday laziness. I haven’t found too many ways to restyle it, what with the big sleeves and the weird waist, but I guess nobody’ll stone me for just wearing it as-is.


I did fancy it up a little with some gifts. In honor of Mother’s Day, and especially in honor of the trip my mom and stepdad are currently taking (to Greece!), I wore some jewelry Mom brought back from the last international trip they took. (Those lucky ducks, all retired and gettin’ to go places.)


I don’t know if it’s possible for Mom to bring me back anything as pretty as these hand-carved-and-painted Costa Rican hummingbird earrings, but I hope that doesn’t stop her from trying.


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