Outfit Post: 5/23/13


Top: Vintage, from my mom — Pants: Goodwill — Flats: 6pm.com (Frye) — Ring: Gift — Earrings: Hand-me-down


They were having a sale on sleeves, so I made sure to get extra.


You know, stocking up. Just in case there’s a sleeve shortage later.


The embroidery on this shirt is actually pretty on-trend, isn’t it? Geometric, plus the kicky pink/red combo. Slap it on some floaty rayon and it wouldn’t look out of place at a Forever 21.


I think so, anyway. I haven’t been inside a Forever 21 in a while–the loud music and disorganized racks send me scampering like a timid baby deer. It’s overstimulating! I’ll take the very different loud music and disorganized racks at Goodwill, thanks.


Or I could just be full of bull honky. Here, look at some pretty flowers blooming in our backyard and forget I said anything.


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 5/23/13

  1. D says:

    Good call, stocking up on sleeves. Summer is on the way, there may be a shortage soon! That is a really cool blouse, and it goes perfectly with your jewelry!

  2. Hello miss hippie chic! I love your ring. It totally looks like a vampire ring, so obviously I love it.

    Hey, you never know when you might need those extra sleeves! You could run out of… um… napkins or something.

  3. I love hippie shirts like this! It’s super hard to find vintage ones my size though. My mom has some old ones I wore in high school, but I outgrew them pretty quickly, 😦

  4. rubybastille says:

    I dig that blouse! I tend to avoid F21 for a lot of reasons, mainly what you said about it being loud and disorganized. It’s overstimulating. I remember going to one in Bellevue when it had just opened and just standing in the doorway, gazing around, because everything was so tidy and organized, and all the colors went nicely together. I don’t think it stayed that way for long.

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