Outfit Post: 6/1/13


Tank top: Swap — Shorts: Nordstrom Rack — Sandals: Goodwill (Target) — Necklace and earrings: Gifts


I officially take back anything bad I ever said about short-shorts. I have two pairs that I’ve worn a couple of times around this here blog, and they are my friends–especially this pair, which are phenomenally comfortable in addition to having a great pattern and color.


I freely admit that a lot of my short-shorts side-eyeing of yore had to do with all the slut-shamey and fat-shamey stuff that I’d internalized over the years; it’s hard not to, when it’s everywhere, all the time.


Eventually I became more aware of the misogyny inherent in that kind of thinking, and have been doing my best to slap it back down when those thoughts creep in, as they’re wont to do occasionally. Who cares if other folks wear booty shorts? Not me, not no mo’.


Which isn’t to say that you have to wear short-shorts if you’re not comfortable in them. Perish the thought! Expose your body as little or as much as you’re okay with, and take care of yourself. Just try not to harsh on someone else’s short-shorts groove, y’know? (Or their body hair groove, for that matter. I haven’t been shaving lately–partially out of laziness and partially out of crush the patriarchy–and precisely nothing bad has happened. I think the armpit hair is kinda cute.)


When in doubt, just remember what The Simpsons had to say on the subject:


“Look at all them hot pants.”

“Hey, everybody, who likes short shorts?”



3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/1/13

  1. Lol! You look awesome in your shorts! I don’t think you are showing too much skin at all. And more importantly, the pieces of clothing fits you. I only side-eye short shorts when someone’s bum is literally hanging out, the material is up their hoo-hoo. I just don’t think it LOOKS comfortable or “sexy” or whatever they’re going for. Fashion is no excuse for ill-fit.

    Personally I like to be covered. I just have this physical preference to have enough coverage not exposed to air – I’m not at all self conscious about my body, I just like things to my knees!

    More power to those who rock the short-shorts. They are (currently) just not for me. I am liking my long shorts though! Planning on a pair tomorrow.

  2. I think the armpit hair is cute too! I went through a period of not shaving when I was about 22, and thought the hair did a much better job of wicking away moisture. Ultimately, though, it was more hassle to explain to others why I didn’t shave than to just do it, and I always choose the laziest option.

    Also, you look really great in the shorts. You may have inspired me to give them a chance again. I have very long but not slender legs, and always felt like I looked off balance in shorts. Too much blinding expanse of white, you know? But perhaps it’s time to let go of that lingering self perception.

  3. I like these pattern sooo much! I don’t care if other people wear shorts (in fact I love the look, especially with blazers), but I cannot wear them myself. Well, at least not in the city. I don’t know if it’s aging, the city or a conservative Catholic upbringing as a child, but I just cannot. Not in New York.

    And I can’t do short skirts at all any more.

    Which means it’s probably aging. Especially as I go around thinking “I am too old for this shit” all the time these days.

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