Outfit Post: 6/4/13


Tee: Goodwill (Target) — Skirt: Gift — Vest: Goodwill (Ben Sherman) — Sneakers: eBay (Keds) — Scarf: Thrifted — Bracelet: Gift — Earrings: Lia Sophia — Owl pin: Blacklist Vintage


Eulalie’s back! I misplaced her for a little while and was worried that she was gone for good, but she turned up safe and sound.


This outfit was one of those early-morning slapped-together sort of getups; I think it shows a little bit, but I’m starting to get better. A few polka dots here, some green and yellow there, but it’s still pretty cohesive on the whole.


I did know beforehand that I wanted to wear a headscarf, because my hair’s getting a little out of control. A coworker laughed when I called it shaggy, but really! The wiry grays start to stick up all over the place, and I actually have to brush it in the morning to get it to do what I want. I mean, egad.


Good thing the scarf goes with my parrot shoes, so it looks like it was all part of the plan. I’ve got a buzz cut lined up with Tia’s mom tomorrow, and I can’t wait. I probably could handle giving myself buzzes if I got an appropriate set of clippers, but I like seeing Becky. She’s fun! Plus, there’s an ice cream shop just next door, and a cut and a cone feels mighty nice on a hot day.

How often do you get your hair cut? Do you cut it yourself or do you go to a stylist?


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/4/13

  1. Jen says:

    I like all the different colors and details in this outfit, and that’s a super cute little owl! The skirt makes me think of the lady character in Nightmare Before Christmas (sorry, can’t dredge up her name at the moment! Revoke my nerd card). Must be all the “stitching”. 😀

  2. Eee! Tiny owl.

    I get my hair done by someone else. I know how to cut hair, but I can’t angle my hands well to do my own. So I go get it done at the cheapy places. Some day I want to have a good relationship with an independent hair cutter, but I am teh poor right now. I wait for the discount day at the cheap place. ;P

  3. Don’t even talk about your hair… mine hasn’t been cut since September because it’s too damn expensive to get a decent cut in New York. And I’ve never had a stylist here. I need to make an appoint soon… my hair is out of control.

  4. I refuse to allow anyone besides my mama or sister to cut mt hair. All other attempts ended in tears for me. All I get is a blunt cut, because even though I have super thick wavy hair, the magazines LIE and all attempts at layers looked like shit.

  5. I just got a buzz cut in a salon 16 days ago, and I feel like it’s been growing way faster than I thought it would. It was 1/2 inch when I got it done, and it was hard to measure, but I think it’s about 7/8 inch now. Not bad for two weeks! I’m thinking about re-doing it at home, maybe down to 1/4 or 3/8 inch. Jon has a beard trimmer that I think would do it, but I am kind of scared to cut it myself. I guess the stakes are low, though. The worst that happens is I have to get a pro to cut it shorter and then it will take longer to grow out.

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