Outfit Post: 6/5/13


Top and skirt: Goodwill — Wedges: 6pm.com (Sam & Libby) — Bangles: Gifts and Goodwill — Pendant: Hand-me-down


If you ever wonder why I’m wearing glasses in some outfit pictures and not in others, there’s a very simple explanation.


It’s not that I wear contacts–my vision isn’t bad enough yet to bother with them, and they’re a pain to put in.


No, what happens is I get home from work and promptly discard them on the table, or the bed, or the couch, and when I go to take outfit pictures I sometimes can’t find them again.


(Which is exactly why I made a glasses chain for my previous pair. I guess I haven’t been bothered do it with the new pair, especially since they always turn up at some point.)


On a different note, I’m still not one much for makeup–as in, I don’t wear any and I don’t own any–but I do occasionally switch out my regular chapstick for Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Hibiscus. The color is pretty subtle (compare to my non-lip-balmed face here) so it kind of surprises me how different I look with it on. Or, at least, I look different to me. I like it, though; if I weren’t so lazy I’d probably play around with makeup a little bit more, just for funzies.

Are you a makeuppy-type person? What do you like to use?

7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/5/13

  1. Awesome outfit, I especially love that skirt and your necklace! I never used to wear makeup, and then a few years ago bought a basic set of stuff — a foundation/powder in one, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and lipgloss in very neutral/non-flashy colors. I put it on sometimes, but not regularly. It’s fun, but sometimes I don’t feel like I have the time or energy. Your skin is gorgeous, so there is probably not even a point! I do wish I could play with dramatic eyes but I don’t know how to use eyeliner at all and I just look like a crazy person when I use bright eyeshadows.

  2. D says:

    Your blouse is really pretty! I like to play with makeup, but I can’t commit to wearing it every day, or even every week. If it is electric green, or has any form of glitter in it, I’m there. Sadly, it is hard to use my fun makeup in work situations.

  3. Lol! I was the exact same way with my glasses until I started to *need* them almost all the time. I still take them off when I’m at home a lot.

    Love your color pairing! Gorgeous skirt.

    As for make-up, I am the exact same as you. Only I wear the plum color of Burt’s Bees instead. It’s a little darker and lipsticky. Practically all make up breaks me out. My skin is better without make up than with, I prefer not having to pay for the stuff anyway. On very rare occasion I will use a little eyeliner, but it’s getting rarer.

  4. Pretty outfit. The skirt is especially nice. I’m new to makeup and use it lightly to enhance my appearance (e.g., lipstick). It saddens me to hear that many women resort to it out of insecurity over their looks.

  5. I love yellow and blue! And Burt’s Bees lip balms.

    MAC lipstick and Dior foundation are pretty much my non-negotiables. I’ve been using them both for a long time.

    Eyeliner is a fun thing to play with if you don’t want to look too done. Smashbox makes a cool palette with a bunch of different colors.

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