Happy Blogiversary To Us!

2013-06-19 08

I thought I would drop in and post a little picture for the second blogiversary. I’ve been swamped lately (earlier this year I was working on two major development projects, and then I got an internship for the summer, and I’m mentoring not one but two undergrads right now) and dealing with some body issues that are harder to work out in public than in private, so it’s made sense for me to refrain from blogging for a while. Still, it’s important to me to acknowledge this, the day that two years ago, Mia said “I want to do a personal style blog” and I said “OOOH ME TOO ME TOO.” No better way than to drop in while wearing something Mia sent me (this bad ass ombre shirt), I figure.


4 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary To Us!

  1. Mia says:



    I’m glad you’re wearing it! Especially with that sweet-ass bow tie. Happy blogiversary to us! Hugs forever.

    • It was a very near miss: the arms are just a touch tight, but totally passable with the sleeves rolled up. I never thought my forearms would be an issue with a shirt, but this one is unique in that way. XD

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