Second Annual Blog Anniversary Giveaway Extravaganza!

That’s right, fellas and fellettes! It’s that day again!

No, I’m not talking about World Sauntering Day. Or Day of the Independent Hungary. Or Salman Rushdie’s birthday.

What I’m talking about is Reading in Skirts’ second blog anniversary. Yeah, this thing has been lumbering onward for two whole years now. Weird, right? So anyway, this is a great occasion to have the SECOND ANNUAL BLOG ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA! Wooooo!

Giveaway part the first is, as last year, dedicated to the “Reading” half of our blog title:

Photo on 6-18-13 at 7.18 PM

No, it’s not my battered old copy of Ella Enchanted. Although that would make a pretty good giveaway too, Ella Enchanted is the bomb. It’s a $20 USD credit to the Book Depository! Reading is the best, so why shouldn’t we share that with our readers? (Haha, see what I did there?) The winner will have to let us know their choices since the Book Depository doesn’t have an actual gift card system set up, but they do free shipping internationally, so I think that makes up for the minor inconvenience.

And, of course, giveaway part the second is dedicated to the “Skirts” half:

Photo on 6-18-13 at 7.22 PM #2

No, it’s not my new pair of Sweet Marcel OTKS; it’s a $20 USD gift card to Sock Dreams! Socks are also the best, and Sock Dreams has an impressive selection: they’ve got socks with lace and socks in space, socks with toes and socks for your nose! Well, maybe not that last one. They do have gloves, legwarmers, and other things too if socks aren’t so much your thing. (Please note if you’re an international reader that while Sock Dreams has free shipping within the US, they do charge for shipping elsewhere–please consult their shipping page for more information.)

So: all you have to do is leave a comment with a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS telling us either a) where your favorite place to read is or b) about your favorite pair of socks! You can also do both, if you’d like to enter for both giveaways. Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM PST a week from today–that’s Wednesday, June 26th. The winners will be chosen at random and I’ll announce our two chicken dinners the next day! The winners will have 72 hours to respond to the email before a new winner is randomly selected, so look lively, y’all.

Now that that’s all settled, let’s dance the dance of the joyful in honor of the anniversary of the first officially recorded game of organized baseball  Reading in Skirts turning two!


17 thoughts on “Second Annual Blog Anniversary Giveaway Extravaganza!

  1. Sarah says:

    My favorite place to read is in the bathtub! And my favorite socks are the owl tabi socks in navy from sock dreams.

  2. I like to read in bed with pillows to prop up my head just so. I don’t like socks because I don’t like wearing regular shoes. I wear sandals whenever possible. But in the winter I wear a lot of Smartwool socks, and my favorite is a beige pair with a nice green, orange, and brown stripe pattern.

  3. My favorite place to read is on my bed propped up on pillows. I know they say reading in bed is bad, but it’s been my favorite place ever since i was a kid. I used to sleep with a book under my pillow instead of cuddling a teddy bear.


    My favorite socks actually are Sock Dreams socks: ( in particular. I only wish I liked more of the colors. I have them in Denim and Linen, but I don’t like the chocolate or white (I don’t do white socks). I adore socks though! I like thick squishy ones. I’m partial to the linen pair because they’re orange and green and navy stripes on a “linen” color background.

    Email: Ecc3ntriccynic [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. GoldfishGirl says:

    I too like to read in the tub. It’s a great way to make sure no one interrupts me.
    My favorite socks are the pairs I’ve knit myself. Comfy, woolen, brightly colored.
    Email: jedichick3 (at) hotmail [dot] com

  5. Becky Shelley says:

    sadly the reading I do most is online so at my desk. or at my sewing machine when reading directions.I don’t have a favorite pair of socks. they are pretty boring in my drawer. utilitarian . So don’t pick me to win the drawing I just wanted to update my email address so I can get your posts. Beckysh@comcast,net Hugs Thanks!

  6. I read anywhere and everywhere, but I like to read in bed the most, my lovelies! And I like to wear the Space Dyed Terry Shorties from Sock Dreams (quick, whoever wins, TRY THEM OUT!) both to sleep and to work.

  7. Jen says:

    Yaaay, happy 2nd anniversary, Reading in Skirts!

    My favorite place to read is curled up in the corner section of my sectional couch. It’s old, beaten down and broken in and that section is by far the comfiest. My favorite pair of socks is a dark & light blue stripey pair that I got at my very first Ren Fair, years and years ago. They’re wool, and a little itchy, and I’ve had to darn the toes at LEAST three times, but I wear them with my boots every winter as often as possible. They just make me happy.


  8. Happy 2nd!
    I actually really love building a pillow fort on top of my bed to read. It’s a sure sign that I’m going to be there for a while and unless you have brownies, you should go away. My favorite socks are actually tights. I have the Codori Crochet Tights in burgundy from SockDreams and I loooooove them. I’ve even re-bought them after snagging my first pair, they’re gorgeous.
    Keep blogging you fabulous ladies!

  9. I love your blogaversary giveaways! Also I love reading. And socks (and skirts, obviously). So my two entries are….

    1) My most frequent reading place is in bed, however I would say my favorite is on a porch when there’s a warm breeze and a comfy chair. And maybe a cold beer. And some snacks. Perfectisimo.

    2) My favorite socks have Frida Kahlo on them. Plus a cute girl gave them to me, so there’s that…

    P.S. Sorry I’m doing the drive by comment thing. I’ve dropped off the blog planet lately what with life stuff and wrist issues, but I adore you both just the same as ever! xoxo

  10. My favorite place to read is in the park my house. My favorite pair of socks are these tall, cozy knit red ones that I like to wear around the house in wintertime. : ) my e-mail address is tamara [dot] schiff [at] gmail. happy blogiversary!

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