Loads of Links 6/24/13

130428-5009 - Tokyo Rainbow Pride Parade 2013

[via Japanese Streets]

+ Erika Moen talks about Babeland, her first first orgasm, and loving her body. [NSFW]

+ Jia Tolentino at the Hairpin interviews an international adoptee from South Korea.

+ Tokyo’s Gay Community Takes to the Street.

+ An Afroetic Narrative considers the “trend” of black hairstyles in Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries. (The comments further the discussion in a valuable way, too.)

+ This article may be eighteen years old, but it’s still worth reading: Jennifer Miller, founder of Circus Amok, talks about what it’s like to be a woman with a beard.

+ Positive Exposure photographs people with genetic differences and disabilities to counteract the dehumanizing images in medical textbooks, and to help the subjects feel empowered.

+ The latest Rape Culture Round Up at Sociological Images is, to say the least, troubling–see their Rape Culture Pinterest board for more. [TW]

+ Also at Sociological Images: “‘Development’ Initiatives and the (In)visibility of Power” re: Punjammies. This definitely makes me think about the two pairs I own and my ongoing understanding of my own appropriative acts.

+ Tommy, a college student, spent three days wearing women’s clothing and documenting his experiences.

+ Artist Jessica Oddi has started an illustration series, Real Pin Up, to bring some diversity to the pinup genre and to “celebrate what makes us different.”

+ Finally, Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal:


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