Outfit Post: 6/24/13 (Plus Sock Glue Review)


Button-front: Goodwill — Skirt: Gift — OTKs: Target — Boots: Macy’s — Earrings: Hand-me-down


I had to race outside and take these pictures just as it started to rain yesterday, so please, if you would, forgive the goofiness and weird angle (protecting the camera, donchaknow).


During Sock Dreams’ recent summer solstice sale, I bought a bottle of their body adhesive to see whether sock glue would be a better fit for me a garter belt was. Verdict: I love it! It’s quite sticky and held my socks up all day–it was a fairly laid-back workday, but I squatted, walked, sat, and fidgeted, and had no problems.

I’m looking forward to trying it on thigh-highs to see whether my thighs rubbing together causes any issues, but that’ll have to wait until cooler weather commences. (I only happened to try it yesterday because we’ve had a couple rainy days, unusual for June around here, and the temperature dropped enough that long sleeves and socks didn’t sound like torture.)


This is actually gonna turn my winter sock game around substantially, I think; I won’t have to worry about socks sagging, and while there was the occasional itch I mostly forgot all about the socks and the glue and was quite comfortable. I just muddled through applying it based on the bottle directions, but Sock Dreams has a tutorial with pictures if you’re curious. I probably won’t ever use the glue on calf-height socks unless I start shaving my legs again, but the hair that grows above my knees and on my thighs is apparently fine enough that I didn’t experience any pain when removing the OTKs after work.

All in all, I like it. $10 might be a little pricy for a 2oz bottle, but I imagine it’ll last me a long time, and I’m happy with my purchase. Now summer just has to hurry up and end so I can get back to wearing socks!

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