Outfit Post: 6/27/13


Blazer: Swap — Tank top: Goodwill — Skirt: Anthro — Sandals: Dansko — Necklace: Vendor in Hawaii — Earrings: Gift


I’ve got a question for all yuhs out there who have their own blogs: do your real-life friends/family know about your blog? Do they read it?


A few of my friends know about it, although I don’t know if any of them read it on the reg; obviously Mike knows, and is sometimes courteous enough to help me with the pictures.


However, my parents and other relatives aren’t aware of Reading in Skirts, as far as I know. I don’t go out of my way to hide it, but it’s not a part of my life that I’ve chosen to share. It might sound a little weird talking about it this way–shouldn’t it be a nonissue?–but I’ve been very close with my parents my whole life, and there’s not a lot that I haven’t talked about with them. I do feel a little weird sometimes since this has become such an everyday part of my life, and I wonder if I’m shutting them out of something important to me by not sharing it.


But then, I never had many secrets to keep as a kid, so maybe this is my one private thing. My dad recently found me on Twitter, which was a bit surprising, and at first I definitely felt an urge to censor myself in ways I hadn’t before. It was a little confusing trying to reconcile the Mia I am with friends and the Mia I am with my family–I know maybe some of you out there are the exact same You at all times, but that’s not really how I function. Eventually, though, I got over it, especially since I’m continually reminded that if my dad doesn’t feel the need to censor himself, I don’t need to either. Altogether I’m glad he found me, and it’s a good way for Dad and I to stay in contact when he lives thousands of miles away, but I’m not sure I’m ready to extend that to sharing this here blog.

So: how about you?

4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/27/13

  1. I am absolutely never the same me. Never.

    Some people do know about my blog, but I’m not sure how many. And I’m not sure that I care. I did used to think I would though.

  2. Almost everyone I know knows about my blog. However very few people I know “IRL” actually read it. My husband helps me with my pictures almost every time. But he doesn’t “read” the blog post.

    I try to keep a very open personality about who I am. If I don’t feel comfortable sharing it with everyone, it won’t be on the internet. I figured out awhile ago that I was either going to own up to who I was completely or go completely anonymous. I decided to own myself and let it be.

    Whether my family/IRL friends decide to read any of it or not, is up to them. I’m certainly not going to change who I am, they already see me. I know sometimes things change depending on who you’re with, but I’ve set a goal for myself to try and be a little more “the same” with everyone.

    (ALSO I ordered my socks already omgomgomg I can’t believe all the Sock It to Me socks they had on sale. I actually ordered an extra pair. XP)

  3. My immediate family (parents and sis) know about my blog, but they don’t read it. A couple of my friends from college do, which is more of a surprise for us old people (I just skipped my 10 year college reunion!).

    But yeah, my Facebook me is different from my Blog me, and both are totally different from my Tumblr me (aka my crazy fan me).

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