Outfit Post: 7/9/13


Shirt: Gift — Capris: Goodwill — Sandals: Goodwill (Aerosoles) — Earrings: Gift, from Greece — Bracelet: ABC Store


I’ve started riding my bike again!


What’s that? What do you mean, you didn’t know I’d stopped? Well, I did.


You may or may not remember when my bike got stolen and I got a new bike for free under slightly unusual circumstances (thanks, campus PD!). Well, I rode that new bike roughly twice and the back tube went flat, and then it took me until last weekend to get a new one and fix things up.


But I did, finally, and I’m riding again! It’s kind of amazing how out-of-shape I feel after not riding for a couple of months, but I just have to remember that it’ll get easier again. I do genuinely enjoy it, although I may not necessarily enjoy the 95+F weather I’ve been doing it in.


I don’t remember if I ever showed off the new bike around here, so here it is! I’m still getting used to it–I feel very tall, and also the handlebars are so wide it’s hard to get it through doorways–but I’m glad to have a new (to me) set of wheels. Before you know it, I’ll be mowing down pedestrians with the best of them.


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