Outfit Post: 7/10/13


Top and sandals: Target — Skirt: Goodwill (H&M) — Earrings: Gift — Bracelet: Found


Yesterday was a Fast Fashion day, apparently! This was entirely unintentional.


I’ve definitely cut down on my Target clothes-shopping (and fast fashion shopping in general) in the last several months, although I’m not above picking up Target deadstock at my favorite Goodwill. The Target’s just around the corner, so lots of unsold merchandise goes directly to the Goodwill racks, completely unworn and nicely priced.


Incidentally, said Goodwill recently got a number of deadstock denim blazer things from Target, and I tried a few on just for fun when I was there on Tuesday.


Something I learned from those jackets: you know a company is completely committed to consistent sizing when a Medium somehow has more shoulder room than a Large. (Several Larges, in fact; I tried them all on just to make sure.)


I did end up buying a deadstock Target coat, though, because it didn’t have any ridiculous sizing quirks and seems relatively well-constructed. I actually do have several fast-fashion garments that, contrary to all expectations, have yet to fall apart in the wash–including this H&M skirt. But fast fashion is a tricky subject, and it seems to be quite difficult as a not-affluent American citizen to buy clothes that don’t exploit people or the environment somewhere along the line. My proposition: nudity for all! It would put me out of a blog, but hey, I’m willing to make some sacrifices for the greater good.


2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/10/13

  1. I agree! I don’t wear as much fast fashion, simply because it’s hard to find pretty plus-size stuff at those stores. The stuff I do have from big box stores you see a lot on my blog, because I wear the shit out of it (Walmart leggings, anyone?), since it’s never as distinctive as my better stuff.

    But, you look adorable today! I just want to snuggle you close in this outfit! Also, you cause me constant accessory lust. Just saying…

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