Outfit Post: 7/11/13


Top: Goodwill — Skirt: Gift — Sandals: Dansko — Belt: Thrifted — Earrings: Target — Bracelet: Gift


Just a little mostly-neutrals look to round out the week! I like this shirt in part because I can get away with not wearing a bra with it, which is pretty friggin’ nice.


Not to flaunt my bralessness or anything, I know it’s not a comfortable/doable situation for all. But really, if society hadn’t brainwashed me into being extremely self-conscious of my nipples, I would honestly probably go braless all the time, everywhere.


I know that nipples are thought to be distracting or whatever, especially in “professional” situations like the workplace, but men don’t have to wear bras, and last time I checked, men have nipples too! And man-nipples even get hard sometimes and show through their shirts! It’s a crock, I tells ya, down with the nipple double-standard, etc. etc.


In some non-nipple-related news, I have had the opportunity recently to use some earlobe-support patches sent to me by the thoughtful Miz Jaunty–the idea is that they’re a sticky piece of something-or-other that you adhere to the back of your earlobe to help support the weight of heavy earrings, which it has been established I have a fondness for.

I imagine that the target market is actually older folks whose lobes have been stretched out a bit already, but they seem to work pretty well as a preventative measure, too. They can’t prevent earlobe pain that comes from heavy earrings swinging around and generally being a nuisance, but I have found that my lobes hurt less at the end of the day with the patches than they did before, without the patches. So that’s something!

For the patch prices I’m looking at, I think it comes out to something like 10 cents a patch, which isn’t so bad, especially since they’re semi-reusable (presumably until the adhesive stops…adhering). It’s worth noting that they do hurt a bit on removal; those little earlobe hairs are sensitive! They’re not a bad idea, though, and I’ll probably continue to use them until I run out, and then reassess my earlobe-care strategy at that time. Thanks, Miz Jaunty! You’re a peach.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/11/13

  1. *shrug* I stopped worrying about my nipples. I decided I really hate padded bras. They make me look heavier than I am, especially since my boobs started growing again in my 20s. It just felt dumb to add on more layers.

    I wear bralets or unlined bras most of the time, but with some shirts I just don’t wear anything. I’ve noticed a time or two that I was “headlighting” and joked with my boss that my nips were “saying hello”. But honestly I’ve agreed with myself that nipples aren’t horrible, and being embarrassed by my own is silly.

    Although I should mention I don’t have very alert ones, so maybe I get off easy in that respect. I prefer the support of my bralets, the ones I have are by a sub-brand of wacoal and have a stiff band of elastic at the bottom and a sturdy lace. (these: http://www.dillards.com/product/b.temptd-by-Wacoal-Lace-Kiss-Bralette_301_-1_301_502537592?df=03422275_zi_night) Plus if I’m wearing a low top or something they look pretty along most necklines.

    But I spent about 2 years strongly wondering “What about Bras” before just doing what was comfortable for me.

  2. These are pretty neutrals! Honestly, I can’t go without a bra. The bounce bothers me probably more than visible nipples… which also bother me. I recently heard that there’s a new bra manufacturer coming out with sizing by volume. Comfort and fit are supposed to be a lot better!

  3. Glad the earlobe stickers work for you! I’ve been known to wear ’em overnight, and just plan to wear heavy earrings two days in a row. Cheap or frugal? You decide.

    And if they’re really just clear medical tape, you could buy a roll and bring your costs down.

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