Outfit Post: 7/12/13


Dress: Ross — Sandals: Goodwill (Aerosoles) — Necklace and belt: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift, from Costa Rica — Bracelet: DIY


Maxi dress time again!


I kind of want to buy another one because I like this one so much, but I think I’ve done all my clothes-related spending for the month so it’ll have to wait.


I wore this to a short workday (summer Fridays are pretty nice, not gonna lie) and then to an after-work get-together that involved tasty burgers and cold cucumber-yogurt soup. It’s not hard to get me to come out if there’s free food involved.


This weekend was a little rough, mental-health wise, but it’s a good reminder that nobody’s going to take care of this for me, so I have to take a deep breath and start the ball rolling myself.


The hardest part is having confidence that this is worth doing, that I am worth getting help, but I’ve got a lot of love and support, and I need to do something before everybody gets tired of encouraging me, right?! (Oh, I’ve only been talking about this since…December…)


I shouldn’t sound melodramatic, though. A lot of the weekend was really quite nice! I’ve been spending some time crafting lately–I’ve recently become a novice cross-stitcher, and I dyed some garments on Saturday, and I’ve also been playing with this finger-knit jersey bracelet tutorial; instead of buying a length of jersey from the fabric store, I got a couple of t-shirts from Goodwill and shredded them ruthlessly for practice. My first successful bracelet is definitely a bit homemade-looking, but I like it, and it’ll probably go well with my lazier, more freewheeling weekend outfits.

How are you doing, friends? Are you about as incoherent as I’m feeling right now?


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/12/13

  1. My mental health hasn’t been the greatest as of late either. I’m even more prone to tears than usual and mostly just want to lay in bed and cry. And read. And sleep. But, I’ve been making myself interact with people and I guess it’s good?

    On a lighter note, this outfit is fabulous. This dress looks wonderful on you and the pops of yellow and the belt are perfect. One of my favorites on you I think.

  2. ckaren09 says:

    I was diagnosed with depression a long time ago. I take daily meds and feel great. It took me a very long time to seek help and it was almost too late. Now I know it was the best thing I ever did, and I only wish I had gotten help sooner. I would have saved myself and my family a lot of pain. Please don’t wait any longer. Living with untreated depression isn’t really living.

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