Outfit Post: 7/15/13


Dress and bangle: Thrifted — Sandals: 6pm.com (Dansko) — Earrings: LiaSophia


Cute new dress for me! Last Friday I went to a thrift store (well, several thrift stores) looking for a big, cheap, crappy pot that I could use to dye some clothes–more on that later.


While I was looking, I just happened to find this interesting dress, which has a large pleat in the front that opens up to reveal a terrible endless void extra print! I like to imagine that it does cool things if I walk very purposefully, although I don’t walk purposefully very often, so we may never truly know.


I eventually found a pot, thank goodness. It took me four stores and a lot of walking, but really, if I’d gotten one on the first try, I would never have come across my new favorite dress.


It’s nice to get lucky sometimes!


I also recently got this new pair of Danskos in the mail–these are what ate up most of my clothing budget for the next little while, but I’m not sorry. I’ve been so happy with my other pair of Danskos that when I saw these online, I decided to take a chance. I’ve mostly given up buying shoes online because size, comfort, and quality are all so variable, but it’s  less risky when one’s already a little familiar with the brand, right?


Verdict: not as 100% squishy-comfortable as the brown pair, but still nice! I love-love-love the color and shape of them, and I want to wear them with just about everything I own. The piece that goes across the front of my foot is a little tighter than I would like, but it doesn’t rub or cause blisters, and it might loosen up a bit as I wear them. Or will it? Does vegan leather stretch? I am sore unschooled in the ways of shoemaking. (Shoeberdashery?)


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 7/15/13

  1. Oooh love the dress, LOVE the shoes. I didn’t know Dansko made vegan leather shoes… I could have snatched my sandal clogs from them!! Those are awesome. I always start out super enthused when I do a big thrift store run, but end up exhausted and disheartened one store (or less…) in! Ha!

  2. That is the coolest dress in the world. I would have bought it too.

    And not to be snarky, but “vegan leather” is really still just plastic when you get down to it. It’ll stretch eventually, but not the same as actual leather does, and probably not conform to your foot in the same way. If it really bothers you, you can try the ice method of stretching, but again I’m not sure if it will help all that much more for man made materials.

    In another life, I want to be a shoe repair lady. 😉 Or better yet, just make my own shoes.

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