Loads of Links 7/22/13


image via ArtSlant

+ Trungles on Liberal Allies: “Because the bottom line is that our academia has made a commodity of our lived experiences as teaching moments for you. And if you think your academic knowledge is more valid than our lived experiences, then you’re definitely not part of the solution.”

+ I don’t remember if I ever linked “Pancakes” here, but Kat Leyh’s new mini, “Welcome to the Family,” is just as lovely and heartwarming. I look forward to seeing more of Molly and May!

+ Also in comics, have I mentioned that Madéleine Flores’ Help Us Great Warrior! is extremely perfect?

+ Sci-fi author John Scalzi talks about boycotts and the creator.

+ Help support Black Girls CODE! The fundraising campaign for their summer coding program runs until Friday.

+ In bike news, Lumigrids is an LED projector that aims to make night riding safer for cyclists. COOL.

+ I saw Pacific Rim with Tito over the weekend, and it’s still lodged firmly in my brain as a freaking awesome movie; if you’re feeling the same, why not read this article about its costume design? (Article contains spoilers.)

+ The Evolution of Playgirl: Reviewing Three Decades of Covers. I find it impossible not to be fascinated by this.

+ Patrick Stump and Fall Out Boy give a good example of how to respond to criticism re: appropriation.

+ Photographer John William Keedy’s photo series It’s Hardly Noticeable is made up of pictures that represent the feeling of anxiety, and some of them resonate with me in an uncomfortably true way.

+ The Willendorf Project–feminist artist Brenda Oelbaum’s work turning diet books into models of the Venus of Willendorf–is going national.

+ In two great tastes that taste great together, captain of my heart Aimee Fleck talks about (and illustrates!) women on the USS Enterprise on The Toast.

+ Finally, The Legend of Korra Book 2 trailer. COMMENCE FREAKOUT:


2 thoughts on “Loads of Links 7/22/13

  1. Terry says:

    Thank you so much for the link to that “Liberal Allies” column. It really resonated with me and I will be thinking about it for a long time. (I attend a “progressive” graduate school in a dual language program and this really speaks to what I REALLY need to learn from it!)

  2. rubybastille says:

    KORRA. That trailer is gorgeous.

    I have got to read some John Scalzi one of these days. He seems like a pretty legit guy, both as a person and a creator/artist/what-have-you.

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