Outfit Post: 8/15/13


Top: Target — Skirt: Gift — Sandals: 6pm.com (Sam & Libby) — Necklace: Gift from Katie! — Belt: Thrifted — Bracelet: DIY


I feel like I’ve been off my clothing game lately. Maybe it’s just because I’ve had so much going on–Dad visiting, Mom visiting, Mike going on vacation, me starting therapy, all that stuff.


Or maybe it’s just that I need to do laundry?


I tried to do something a little interesting by pairing the pastel skirt and top with some decidedly non-pastel accessories, but I’m not 100% sure it worked.


Also, I’m quite fond of this necklace, but I’m afraid we have to part ways because it insists on a) transferring dye to my skin and clothes, and b) pinching the little hairs on the back of my neck in a very rude way. Time to invest in another brightly-colored statement necklace, methinks!

How has your clothing game been feeling lately? Are you on top of it? Are you muddling around a little? Maybe we should all just wear burlap jumpsuits for a week as a palate-cleanser.


6 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 8/15/13

  1. I like the outfit a lot, although I agree that a necklace that pinches neck hairs (or a bracelet that pulls out arm hairs for that matter) needs to go.

    Pregnancy has totally thrown me off my clothing game and made me very sensitive to anyone’s comments about my dressing choices. So I’d wear a burlap sack for a week!

  2. Becky Shelley says:

    So is the necklace wooden then painted? Wondering if there is a sealant that would keep the dye from leeching . And if the clasp could be replaced to a non nibbling kind .hate to see a cool necklace like that lose its home.

    • Mia says:

      It’s either wooden or made of tagua nut or something. I think the color is just dye rather than paint because it transfers onto my skin so easily, but I’m not sure. Maybe I could seal it, I don’t know much about that! I certainly wouldn’t mind the help of your expertise in figuring it out. 🙂

  3. Ooooh! I love the outfit, definitely works. Awesome top + skirt. I am off my clothing game and wearing the same outfits over and over again, for the most part. I read about you starting therapy on the FOT, very happy it’s off to a good start!

  4. The necklace originally came from Goodwill, and it never dyed my skin so I’m a bit peeved that it’s gone all rebellious and troublemaker on you. Perhaps I can find you a German replacement 🙂

  5. I think the accessories look great! As for coating the necklace, you could go totally old school and just use clear nail polish on the back, or you could go to your local craft place and get high quality lacquer clear coat from the spray paint aisle.

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