Outfit Post: 8/19/13


Dress: Gift — Blazer: Goodwill — Flats: 6pm.com (Frye) — Bracelet: Solano Stroll — Brooch: Gift from Tia!


I tried a little experiment yesterday evening and took pictures in the front yard because the light was already gone from behind the house when I got home. Verdict: not gonna do that again, no sir.


If you wanna eyeball a more evenly-lit outfit, this one from back in March is pretty much the same, though, so it’s all good.

If you’ve got a blog or otherwise like to take pictures of yourself, where’s your favorite place to do it? Do you have one assigned spot like me, or do you travel around?


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 8/19/13

  1. Oh hey! This is a new place! The light’s not terrible… it’s sun-dappled. My preference is always for backlighting though.

    I was just thinking that I would like to have a short sleeved blazer or jacket for cool summer mornings and evenings. Does yours actually add warmth or is it definitely one of those more decorative pieces?

    • Mia says:

      Haha, sun-dappled indeed. That’s the one thing I miss about the old house, is the driveway that sometimes had night sunset backlighting. Ah, me…

      The short-sleeve blazer definitely adds warmth! I can’t actually wear this or the gray one when it gets too hot, so I have to save them for cooler days, or take them off when I’m going to bike home.

  2. I like the pictures and have to agree with Alex ~ sun-dappled is a very appropriate word! Cute outfit as always. I used to wear little blazers…back when I was a little more stylish ~ ah, youth!

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