Outfit Post: 8/23/13


Top and skirt: Goodwill — Sandals: Dansko — Necklace: Fuzppa — Bracelets: Thrifted — Earrings: Target


So, after all that whining and wailing about this skirt getting ink on it in the wash, I just went and wore it as-is anyway. The ink isn’t super noticeable, and I’m over being melodramatic about it.


It’s funny, though, how when I went to get dressed, I thought, didn’t I just wear this skirt? I did, if by “just” you mean “over a month ago.”


The desire and pressure to always be showing off new and different garments or accessories so as not to bore the audience–this is an effect of style blogging to which I’m apparently not immune. It’s not something I think about consciously most of the time, or something that makes me feel anxious or burdened, but I also can’t say that it hasn’t changed my shopping and dressing habits.


I own more clothing than I used to, and these days I get bored of wearing the same thing too frequently. My wardrobe also goes through more frequent changes than it did in the past, although this I partially attribute to thrift shopping. When thrifting, I’m more likely to take a chance on something unusual, because it’s cheap and I don’t mind donating it back if it doesn’t work out after a wear or two.


I talked a bit last year about the feelings of materialism that occasionally crop up in conjunction with this hobby, and I still think about those feelings when they come around. I’m not living beyond my means or my storage space, and I enjoy the variety that I’m able to have in my wardrobe, so I don’t tend to beat myself up about liking clothes. I do try to be mindful of my consumption, though, especially how it’s linked to my emotions and physical/mental state (see this post over at Already Pretty re: HALT). Dressing up in clothes is something I like, and shopping for those clothes has become an extension of that–I don’t want shopping to become something disordered for me, something that I do to try and fill a void elsewhere in my life.  Blogging has been healthy for me, and I want to keep it that way.


8 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 8/23/13

  1. This post comes at a really good time for me. My closet still bursting at the seams, but despite not wanting to get rid of a single thing, I’m having the old “I have nothing to wear” feeling.

    Plus I’ve been looking at my budget and groaning about wanting things versus needing things. I’ve made agreements and promises and bans, but I think I need to stop worrying about what deals I might be missing out on and actually wear the “deals” sitting in front of me.

    The blogging world does make the urge to buy or wear new new new really easy. I think trying to make conscious efforts to remix is always a good idea.

  2. Blogging skews my thinking about shopping sometimes too but I’m definitely better about it now. During my first year I really did think I had to buy new things so my readers weren’t bored and I was “showing the new trends” because that’s what bloggers do. Now though I’m getting increasingly better about one in one out and I think people know better than to expect me to show up in new clothes all the time.

  3. This skirt is really such a nice piece. You can wear it whenever you want, because I’ll be happy to see it!

    I consume too much, although less and less… I repeat clothing very frequently, as often as every week for some dresses. I still want to buy less things. I actually don’t like having so many possessions (apartment drives me crazy this way, everywhere I look I own something else!), except this apparently doesn’t apply to clothing and shoes. Well shoes are actually kind of important here, especially since I have a sprain…

    Sigh. Buy less things. Somehow.

    Actually now that I think about it, it might be more like buy less expensive things. Which is another problem. Ugh. Although lately I think if I had less fast fashion that I don’t actually like then I would probably buy less things.

    I don’t know. This comment has been going on forever now. I’m just going to stop!

  4. Interesting post (and cute outfit! I liked the skirt then and I like it now!). I own so many articles of clothing that I never wear, and yet I love looking for something new. I do notice that with my own shopping, I have to be in a pretty specific mood to want to buy something. Nine times out of ten, I think about a purchase for a long time before I make it. This only comes back to bite me at the thrift store, where something is liable to be gone if I wait on it.

  5. I would think that because you thrift a lot of your clothes, and are willing to donate them if you don’t like them, you are actually being a pretty responsible consumer! I am curious, how many Dansko sandals do you have? I am way behind on reading the blog posts, but I do notice that you have at least a few pairs of the Dansko shoes. I have looked at some, but find the price to be a bit high. Are you lucking into finding them second-hand?

    • Mia says:

      I have two pairs of Dansko sandals so far–I just wear them a lot so it looks like more, haha. The brown pair (aka the comfiest pair) I got at a sidewalk sale on discount, so they were around $60. The green pair I bought at full price because they were so pretty, but they turned out to be not quite as comfy as the brown pair. There are tons of pairs on eBay, though, so if I wanted a third pair I’d probably order them off there now that I know my general Dansko size. (I also just did this with a pair of Steve Madden boots–tried them on at Macy’s to see how they fit, and then bought them for half off on eBay.)

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