Outfit Post: 8/30/13


Tee: Gap Outlet — Skirt: eBay (Anthro) — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Bracelet: World Market — Earrings: Apostrophie 


Speaking of rewear frequency, remember the time I didn’t wear this skirt for five months? Turns out that dry-clean-only garments get generous vacation benefits at my house.


I finally got it taken care of, though, and just in time for Gracey’s third Literary Stylings challenge! Good timing, I must say.


This month I decided to go with Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, which I’m currently rereading because I just love it so darned much. It’s another YA book, like my previous Literary Stylings choice, and it’s really one of my favorites. Let me break it down for you: high-schooler D.J. works on her parents’ Wisconsin dairy farm and doesn’t have a whole lot of extra time for things like fun or, uh, homework, but when rival school Hawley’s quarterback Brian Nelson comes around to the farm one summer with instructions to learn about working hard, she shows him how it’s done. She also gets a few ideas about trying out for football herself, despite the lack of a girl’s team at Red Bend…


Basically, D.J. is awesome. I find her voice incredibly delightful, distinct, and well-written, and her work ethic impresses the hell out of me. I also love that her story is a bit different from that of the typical upper-middle-class suburban girl that seems to populate much of contemporary YA. I lent Dairy Queen to Tia a while back and she wasn’t as chuffed with it as I continue to be, but if you like YA at all I encourage you to give it a try. D.J. might be a little cranky with me for dressing in Hawley’s colors instead of in Red Bend’s, but what can I say? I like to stir things up now and then. (It doesn’t hurt that they’re also my workplace-school’s colors, so, y’know. Two birds, one stone, all that.)

Anyhow, go check out the rest of the link-ups over at Gracey’s, and tell me what you’ve been reading lately!


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 8/30/13

  1. Gorgeous outfit. You wear orange amazingly well! And I’m excited to add this book to my “to read” list. I’m always especially happy to get YA recommendations because I’m not as familiar with that genre and never know what I’m going to get.

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