Outfit Post: 9/8/13


Dress: Multiple Threads — Camisole: Van Heusen — Sandals: Dansko — Hat: Target — Bracelet and earrings: Gift, from Greece


You might remember the time last year when I attended the Solano Stroll for the first time and took five million pictures of dogs. Of course you remember! Every day of my life is more important to you than the last.


Well, as annual things often do, the Stroll came back around again, and I went with my head held high!


The rest of me was clothed in a dress I bought at last year’s Stroll.


I also added some jewelry from Greece and a gigantic sun hat to top things off, for beautification and sun-blocking purposes, respectively.

photo (4)

I didn’t take any doggie photos this time–I wanted to just “enjoy the moment” or something like a chump–but as you can see, the Stroll was packed! We had a great time, I bought another cute dress, and we saw a truly excellent blues band, so I left satisfied.

photo (3)

Plus, I ate my first-ever knish! That photo doesn’t have a filter or anything; that’s just what love looks like. Love and mashed potato wrapped in pastry.

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