Outfit Post: 9/11/13


Tee: Goodwill — Skirt and bangles: Leah’s free pile — Flats: American Rag — Headband: The Faerie Market


If this color combination looks familiar, it’s not just encroaching senility: I wore this top and skirt together a couple months ago, albeit with different shoes and accessories.


This time the combination was an accident. The skirt rear-ended the top and then they had to exchange insurance information, and it was really just a mess.


No, what actually happened was that the top I’d originally planned to wear didn’t jibe with the skirt–you’d think I’d be past this after 20-some-odd years of dressing myself, but no–and I had to make a last-minute replacement. This tee is so easy to wear that it gets a lot of airtime, so hopefully you aren’t getting sick of it.


At least I know you’ll never get sick of my fern-leaf headband. I know I’m not! Stay with me forever, fern-leaf headband, and we’ll go far.


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